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26 Powerful Photos From The Nashville Sit-Ins

On Feb. 13 1960, students in Nashville, Tenn. started a non-violent movement to end racial segregation at lunch counters in drug stores. This is what the movement looked like.

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Jimmy Ellis / The Tennessean

Diane Judith Nash, one of the 77 students on trial, made a statement that defendants in the race demonstration cases decided not to pay fines as a matter of "moral principle."


Gerald Holly / The Tennessean

Matthew Walker, Peggy Alexander, Diane Nash and Stanley Hemphill (from left to right) eating lunch at the Post House Restaurant in the Greyhound bus terminal. This was the first time since that blacks were served at previously all-white counters in Nashville.


Frank Empson / The Tennessean

Bobby Talbert, a 21-year-old student, was released from Nashville jail after being arrested during a demonstration. Other sit-in demonstrators posted the money for his bond.


Bill Preston / The Tennessean

A B&W Cafeteria employee helps white customers out of the store as he blocks black college students at the front door. There was a demonstration being held inside.

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