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    Khloé Kardashian Played A Game Of Shag, Marry, Kill About Her Brothers-In-Law

    What if you had to choose between Kanye, Scott Disick, and Tyga?

    On Jan. 17, Khloé Kardashian stopped by Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen and played a game of Plead the Fifth.

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    For one of the questions, Cohen asked her who she'd shag, marry, and kill out of her sisters' significant others: Kanye, Scott Disick, and Tyga.

    Bravo / Via
    Bravo / Via

    To no one's surprise, Khloé immediately said she'd marry Kanye. Then, after a few moments, she chose to shag Scott and kill Tyga.

    But wanted to clarify, "there's no reason why."

    Bravo / Via

    Which is basically confirmation that she has all the reasons in the world.

    Bravo / Via
    Bravo / Via
    Bravo / Via



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