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Jasper Bloom From "The Holiday" Is Literally The Worst

Iris deserves WAY better!

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At the beginning of The Holiday, we learn that Iris writes wedding announcements for the The Daily Telegraph in London, where Jasper also works.

Iris and Jasper used to date for — he even said he loved her "three, almost four times." But Iris found out that he was seeing someone else behind her back named Sarah, who ALSO happens to work for The Daily Telegraph.

Even though they broke up, Iris and Jasper still have a friendly relationship...and Iris is still in love with Jasper. It doesn't help that they still e-mail, talk on the phone, "and there's the occasional long lunch," as Iris notes to her co-worker.


Then he explains he doesn't have the present on him, after initiating the whole conversation. But rest assured, he confirms to Iris, "You'll look hot in it."


After their brief moment alone, everyone at the party gets called together for an announcement. That's when Iris finds out — at the same time as everyone else at The Daily Telegraph, mind you — that Jasper and Sarah are engaged!

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The irony of Iris writing wedding announcements for a living is just too much to bear.

Yes, the same Jasper who was literally just hitting on Iris at the same holiday party as his fiancé, whom he was sleeping with while dating Iris at one point.


But just then, luckily, she gets a well-timed message from a woman named Amanda who's interested in a house swap. Iris takes her up on it and flies off to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, putting as much distance between herself and Jasper as she possibly could.

Even when she's on the plane, however, Jasper is inescapable. He sends her a message that says, "Heard you left for holiday ... How do I reach you?"


And just when Iris is happily settling into her temporary LA life with Miles, her new possible love interest, and Arthur (Eli Wallach), her neighbor and new BFF, Jasper disrupts her newfound peace and serenity by actually sending her pages of his book. There's not even a note attached.

Then, after no word from Iris, Jasper has the nerve to show up at her doorstep. He flies all the way from London to LA, Christmas present in hand.

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