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Do You Think Jess Mariano Was A Good Boyfriend?

Or total garbage?

There's no question why Rory Gilmore wanted to date Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

He's a total heartthrob who shared her taste in books and music.

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And did I mention he's a total heartthrob?

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But unfortunately, Jess wasn't without his flaws.

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He didn't always call Rory to make plans, wasn't exactly emotionally there for her in ways she needed, and he kind of left Stars Hollow for good without saying bye.

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  1. So, what do you think? Was Jess Mariano actually a good boyfriend?

    Warner Bros. Television / Via
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So, what do you think? Was Jess Mariano actually a good boyfriend?
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    No way! He's trash and treated Rory like garbage.
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    He wasn't so bad, especially compared to Rory's other boyfriends.
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    Jess wasn't perfect but he grew up to be a really great dude.
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    The poor kid was just a product of his environment. What else could we expect from Jess?
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    *Swoon* I wish I could date someone like Jess.

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