Are You Having A Productive Day?

Have you at least gotten out of bed yet?

  1. Check off everything you've done today:
    1. Opened your eyes.
    2. Took a deep breath.
    3. Didn’t give in to the snooze button.
    4. Got out of bed.
    5. Ran on at least 8 hours of sleep.
    6. Took off your pajamas.
    7. Brushed your teeth.
    8. Showered.
    9. Made your bed.
    10. Picked out an outfit to wear for the day.
    11. Put on said outfit.
    12. Ate breakfast.
    13. Ate a healthy breakfast.
    14. Took vitamins.
    15. Left your house.
    16. Went to work.
    17. Got to work on time.
    18. Got to work early.
    19. Filled out a job application.
    20. Went to class.
    21. Worked out at the gym.
    22. Worked out hard at the gym.
    23. Read the news.
    24. Communicated with your parents.
    25. Communicated with your grandparents.
    26. Got ahead on work due next week.
    27. Ate lunch.
    28. Ate a healthy lunch.
    29. Worked through lunch.
    30. Made your boss happy.
    31. Thought about the world’s problems.
    32. Solved some of the world’s problems.
    33. Worked on your commute.
    34. Had sex.
    35. Read a book.
    36. Hung out with friends you hadn’t seen in a while.
    37. Made plans to see friends you haven’t seen in a while.
    38. Finished your current Netflix binge.
    39. Had dinner.
    40. Had a healthy dinner.
    41. Listened to Kanye West.
    42. Paid one bill.
    43. Paid all of your bills.
    44. Responded to all of your emails.
    45. Cleaned out your email inbox down to 0.
    46. Met your deadlines.
    47. Got ahead of your deadlines.
    48. Got a lot of retweets on Twitter.
    49. Filed your taxes.
    50. Cleaned out your closet.
    51. Cleaned your whole bedroom.
    52. Did something to advance your career.
    53. Learned something new that you didn’t know yesterday.
    54. Upgraded your technology.
    55. Meditated.
    56. Finished one load of laundry.
    57. Did all of your dirty laundry.
    58. Found closure with an emotional struggle.
    59. Made a new scientific discovery.
    60. Replaced all of your dead light bulbs.
    61. Cut down on caffeine.
    62. Made a to-do list.
    63. Checked off some things on your to-do list.
    64. Checked off everything on your to-do list.
    65. Kicked that bad habit once and for all.
    66. Didn’t procrastinate.
    67. Took the garbage out.
    68. Took a power nap.
    69. Joined a book club.
    70. Gave someone valuable advice.
    71. Made a funny Tumblr sensation.
    72. Unfriended annoying people on Facebook.
    73. Plan on getting to sleep at a decent hour.
    74. Did something to make yourself happy.
    75. Did something to make someone else happy.
    76. Finished taking this entire quiz.

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