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19 Reasons Hermione Shouldn't Have Gotten Married At All

Forget the boys. Hermione should have ended up with Hermione.

After years of buildup, Hermione and Ron finally get together in the Deathly Hallows.

In the Epilogue, we find out she becomes a Weasley and lives happily ever after with her redheaded hubby.

But recently, JK Rowling admitted she thinks Harry was actually a "better match" for Hermione.

Let's be honest, Hermione was better off by her damn self.

1. Ron's jealousy is suffocating to someone like Hermione who has her own individual spirit.

2. And on the other extreme, Harry's ego is annoying.

3. So is his constant need to be validated.

4. Ron and Harry rely on Hermione more than she depends on them.

5. In fact, she's so self-sufficient that they usually just get in her way.

6. Friends are way better than fleeting romances that have the potential to fail.

7. Not to mention, Hermione doesn't have time for pointless diplomacy.

8. If she stayed single, Hermione wouldn't have to spend her time and money on couples counseling.

9. She doesn't need the extra baggage.

10. Especially since marriage could stifle her independence.

11. And there's more to Hermione than who her partner is.

12. Hermione can clearly fight her own battles.

13. And is a radical at heart.

14. Plus, nearly half of marriages end in divorce.

15. Her real true loves were books and knowledge, anyway.

16. Maybe she just didn't want to.

17. 'Cause she's too busy saving everyone's ass.

18. After all, marriage doesn't have to be the end goal of love.

19. The real magic lies in loving yourself first.