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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Get Your Entire Home In The Holiday Spirit

    Festive lights, lawn decorations, personalized decor, and more, all to make your space merry and bright.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A personalized stocking with your name on it that comes in an assortment of festive snowflake patterns. Better get one for the pupper, too.

    The custom stockings in an assortment of colors hanging from a fire place

    2. A Christmas tree over 6 feet tall with 350 lights already attached to the branches so Santa knows exactly where to put the goodies.

    The Christmas tree with lights turned on

    3. A festive table runner to get yourself in the holiday mood before you bust out your homemade specialties.

    The dark blue table runner decorated with a menorah

    4. A fun throw pillow that evokes the feeling of caroling without actually having to listen to people sing out of tune.

    The throw put on a gray velvet couch to show its size and color

    5. A set of Better Homes & Gardens serving platters decorated with garlands and holly because your arrangement of cheese, nuts, crackers, and fruits deserves to be in the holiday spirit too.

    The two trays side by side holding cheese, crackers, and fruits to show their size

    6. A set of six Buddy the Elf holiday cups if smiling is also your favorite and you need the world to know that.

    Six of the cups in three different styles featuring scenes from the movie Elf

    7. A ceramic, battery-powered Santa figurine featuring a tree with real LED lights for a daily reminder that Santa is coming to town.

    The Santa driving a truck figurine featuring a Christmas tree with LED lights turned on

    8. A pair of adorable woodland friends I'm personally calling Fred and Tim to welcome you into the holiday season.

    The statue sitting on a mantle beside a small tree

    9. A 9-foot long garland fitted with clear, workable lights for wrapping around banisters, draping over doorways, or placing anywhere that needs a touch more holiday spirit.

    The garland draped over an entryway with lights turned on

    10. A personalized family ornament so you, the spouse, and the kids can fulfill your lifelong dreams of becoming snowmen.

    The snowmen ornament with two parents and a child wearing red and green scarves

    11. A set of three fabric trees to transform your home into the snow-covered log cabin you actually want to be in this Christmas.

    The three trees placed next to each other on a snowy table to show their size

    12. A Jack Skellington inflatable so you can help the Pumpkin King achieve his dreams of having an authentic Christmas.

    The inflatable placed in a front yard to show its size

    13. A menorah doormat that'll share season's greetings to anyone celebrating the eight nights of Hanukkah.

    The doormat placed outside a door to show its size

    14. A box of 50 glittering, shatter-proof ornaments for cat owners, new parents, accident-prone individuals, and anyone in-between.

    The set of four shatter-proof ornaments in pink and gold

    15. A 12-inch artificial wreath that'll instantly transform your door into the festive/rustic aesthetic you were going for this year.

    The wreath hanging on a wooded surface

    16. A light-up reindeer statue sleighing so hard at the sled-pulling game, he may be outshining Santa just a bit.

    The reindeer and Santa in his sleigh lit up to show size and brightness

    17. A 4-foot mini Christmas tree with lights because it hath been decreed in the Holiday Celebration Handbook that all true revelers should have at least three trees in their home of varying sizes.

    The Christmas tree placed beside a couch to show scale and size

    18. A set of three woodland critter ornaments so you can pretend that the Rockefeller Christmas tree owl found some friends to keep him company.

    The three woodland animals ornaments

    19. A personalized stocking holder that can hold up to six stockings because not all of us are fancy enough to have a fireplace. Hello, apartment dwellers.

    The stocking holder with a personalized star at the top holding four stockings

    20. An oversized red plaid sherpa throw to snuggle under as you sip hot cocoa and watch all three Home Alone movies.

    The red checkered throw draped over a chair to show its texture

    21. A multicolored light net that you can stretch over bushes and shrubs so Santa has better visibility when landing his sled on your roof.

    The netting lights wrapped around three bushes to show their colors

    22. A three-wick hazelnut cream-scented candle for the days when you want to bask in the sweet aromas of holiday desserts without actually baking them.

    The candle with three of the wicks burning

    23. A cheeky 12-and-a-half foot inflatable that shows how reindeer like to travel.

    The Santa inflatable placed in front of a house to show its size

    24. A festive sign whose message you can take literally or sarcastically, depending on your views of the past year.

    The sign hung on a wall beside several rustic holiday decorations

    25. A fiber-optic tabletop tree with color-changing lights so not everything in your holiday décor display is red and green. Booooooring.

    The mini tree in purple and pink

    26. A 17-foot string of color-changing LED lights, because are you truly celebrating the holidays unless every inch of the inside and outside of your home is covered in lights?

    The lights wrapped around a Christmas tree branch and glowing green

    27. A jolly basket-turned-wreath to fool people into thinking you really ramped up your DIY skills in 2020.

    The festive sign hanging on a blank wall

    28. An antler curtain rod so the feeling of the holiday season can seep into every corner of your home, without any details being overlooked.

    The curtain rod with a golden finish and brown curtains hanging from it

    29. A set of Hanukkah-themed plates for munching on your favorite seasonal goodies.

    The plates

    30. A 10-inch double bell wall hanging to see jingling without actually having to hear it.

    The two bells hanging on a brick wall above some garland

    31. A set of two rustic, cone-shaped trees decorated with holly for the farmhouse-chic vibe you're really reaching for this December.

    The decorative cone trees on a table with garland

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