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    Norman Reedus And Diane Kruger Get Real In A Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

    In which they discuss drunk texting exes and talking their way out of speeding tickets.

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    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    The incredibly talented Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger have teamed up on-screen in the new drama Sky. The duo stopped by BuzzFeed NY to chat all about the new film, and after things got real in their one-on-one interview with each other, they played a little round of Never Have I Ever. Here's what we learned.

    Never have I ever hitchhiked.


    Diane Kruger: No way?!

    Norman Reedus: I've never hitchhiked!

    DK: Ever?!

    NR: Ever!

    DK: Wow.

    NR: I'm sorry! [laughs]

    DK: Coming from you...

    NR: [laughs] I apologize, I'll go hitchhike right now.

    Never have I ever been handcuffed in real life.


    NR: Pfft.

    DK: [laughs] I don't really want to elaborate.

    NR: It's probably not a good idea, yeah.

    Never have I ever given someone a fake phone number.


    DK: In fact it's funny, I can't reach [Norman] ever.

    NR: [laughs] Email me.

    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    Never have I ever had a crazy night in Vegas.


    NR: Pfft, yeah!

    Wanna elaborate on that crazy night?

    NR: No!

    Never have I ever talked my way out of a speeding ticket.


    NR: Yeah.

    What'd you say?

    NR: They went, "Shit, can I get a selfie?!" And I went, "Yeah," and they let me go. That was the last one.

    DK: I just play the foreigner card. I put on a French accent or a German accent — "I didn't know, I'm so sorry officer!"

    Never have I ever drunk texted an ex.


    NR: I've never done that.

    DK: Really?

    NR: No. I delete them immediately.

    DK: Do I believe that?

    NR: Yeah! You heard about the potato chips earlier, you know what I mean.

    Never have I ever gone on a roadtrip.


    Where to?

    DK: Everywhere! The U.S., China, Chile, Australia, France, Spain.

    NR: Nashville.

    Never have I ever been mistaken for a doppelgänger.


    NR: There's actually people at those Comic Con things that play Norman — sometimes it criss-crosses in some weird ways. A dude handed a friend of mine a business card and I was his job.

    Like, he was an impersonator?

    NR: Of me, full time.

    DK: You know you've made it when you have an impersonator.

    NR: I was like, he's kind of chubby. Like, what the fuck!

    DK: What does he do though? Like Elvis does Elvis. What do you do as Norman?

    NR: You know the brown boots that I wear every freaking day? He's got those, he's got a baseball hat, he has these shades...

    DK: No but what's his schtick, other than just physical—

    NR: He just shows up. People take pictures of him.

    Birthday parties?

    NR: Yeah, right. I don't know. Stripper. I have no idea.

    DK: I get Kate Bosworth, or, I don't know, people will say, "Oh, you look like an old movie star." Stuff like that. Michelle Pfeiffer — any blonde with blue eyes basically.

    Never have I ever stalked someone on Instagram and accidentally liked a photo.


    NR: Oh, I've done that.

    DK: No, not me. I don't really stalk people...

    NR: I mean, I sort of live vicariously through a bunch of bikers that I don't know. You know what I mean? They're in Airstreams, and they're camping, and they have beards which I can't grow.

    And they're like, "Holy shit, Norman Reedus just liked my photo."

    NR: Well no, you're like this with the phone and you drop it on your face and you hit a button, you know? I've done that.


    Never have I ever laughed so hard that I peed my pants.


    NR: Oh wow. Have I peed in my pants laughing — I don't think so.

    DK: I don't think so either.

    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    Never have I ever streaked or gone skinny dipping.


    DK: Oh my god. Everywhere. My house, vacation—

    NR: Lakes, the ocean.

    DK: The woods.

    Never have I ever used my name to get something I wanted.


    DK: Totally guilty, come on.

    NR: I'm trying to think of something I would've done that for.

    DK: A table at a restaurant? Um, a massage?

    NR: I don't think I have.

    DK: I'm calling bullshit on that!

    NR: I swear! I really don't think I have!

    DK: I totally call bullshit on that. If you take your glasses off everybody's gonna see that's bullshit!

    NR: [laughs] I really don't think I have.

    DK: No, you know what you do? You call your people and you go, "Um, can you like.."

    NR: I don't call anybody!

    DK: I don't believe you!

    NR: I don't go above Houston Street. I seriously don't leave my house.

    DK: I don't believe it. Such a freakin' liar.

    Never have I ever been fired from a job.


    NR: Yeah.

    DK: One.

    NR: It actually made me an actor. I got in a fist fight with a guy that ran a motorcycle shop. And then a friend took me out afterwards, and then the rest happened. He was angry with his dog and I jumped in the middle — I fought for the dog.

    Sky is now playing in select theaters!

    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

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