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Justin Theroux And Dave Franco Interviewed Each Other Playing With Kittens And It's Cute AF

The Lego Ninjago stars talk weird rumors, manscaping tips, and working alongside your significant other.

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Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Justin Theroux and Dave Franco play father and son in the Lego Ninjago Movie, the newest installment of the Lego movie franchise, alongside its terrifying-yet-cuddly villain: a cat. So when the two stars stopped by BuzzFeed to answer everything you've been wanting to know, we had them do so while surrounded by a handful of tiny, adorable kittens. And let me tell ya, Justin Theroux + Dave Franco + tiny kittens = cute as hell. Here's what went down.

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What’s it like working with your significant other in projects?

DF: Um, I love it. It was a little nerve-wracking at first, because we were in a relationship in the movie too, and you hope there’s chemistry on screen because otherwise everyone’s like watching you like, why are you—

JT: [laughs] Why are you together?

DF: Exactly. But ultimately it’s easier than working with anyone, just 'cause I can’t be fake in front of her, you know? Anytime there’s like a false moment—

JT: She’ll call you out.

DF: Exactly.

JT: They’re like, Hey, what are you doing? You’re gonna do it like that?

DF: [laughs] Exactly.

What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?


JT: That I sleep naked on airplanes.

DF: Yeah?! Do you know how that originated?

JT: True story, like I got an email from one of my people, and he said, this is gonna be published. And I read the email, and like, some serious journalist actually was like, "Uh, we want confirmation on whether Justin sleeps naked on airplanes." I thought, who—that’s against the law, first of all. Like, no one can do that.

DF: I’d be impressed if you could get away with that, though.

JT: Wouldn’t that just be hilarious footage though of me getting arrested landing in New York just like naked, and like, “What! I sleep naked on planes!”


Who has more abs, Garmadon or Lego Batman?

JT: Oh, Will Arnett’s gonna be upset. Now this is true, we were looking at our Garmadon figure this morning and—

DF: He’s got a looong torso.

JT: He’s got a really long torso, so it’s double the abs. So that’ll be technically 16, and if you notice on the actual Lego toy, he has back abs. Babs.

DF: That’s true, that’s true.

JT: So he does back day too. So yes, he has more than Batman.

Do you have any “manscaping” tips?


JT: Oh boy. Oh I was just giving one, actually! Which is, put your body lotion in the shower.

DF: Go on…

JT: Yeah, so you put your body lotion in the shower and you towel off in there when it’s all steamy in there, and then you hydrate your skin with the lotion and steam.

DF: It doesn’t get like, too wet still?

JT: That’s why I say you have to towel off in there, and get nice and dry, while the steam is still present.

DF: Got it.

JT: That’s kind of manscaping?

DF: That’s a great tip.

Do you have a go-to artist or album you listen to?

DF: Classic, uh, Otis Redding.

JT: Woah.

DF: Yeah. Some Sam Cooke, all in the same vibe.


What’s your favorite body part?


JT: I guess, hands?

DF: Your own hands?

JT: Yeah. Well no, I don’t like, adore my hands.

DF: Let me see those hands. It’s a good body part.

JT: Thanks. I just like it cause they do stuff.

Comedy or drama?

JT: Woah. I don’t know, comedy is more fun, obviously, because you get to do a lot more.

DF: Yep.

JT: So that’s more of a fun set.

DF: Have you ever been on like, a really serious drama though where you are laughing in between takes all the time?

JT: Yes, Leftovers was like that. First season we all took it really seriously and between takes we’re like, okay, let’s keep quiet, and let’s keep working. And then by the second season we realized we’d all kill ourselves if we didn’t have a few laughs.

DF: Right.

What’s the best vacation you’ve been on recently?


DF: My favorite place in the world is Big Sur. We try to go once a year for my birthday, because for my first birthday when Alison and I were together, she threw me a surprise party—

JT: In Big Sur?!

DF: No! Which was the first time I’ve ever had an anxiety attack.

JT: Really? Let’s talk about that.

DF: And, so…

JT: Did you have the anxiety attack when the party started? Or like, when you walked in the door?

DF: It’s kinda mid-party when I decided to have one of the special brownies, and things weren’t going good as-is…

JT: That’s not a panic attack, that’s just an overdose.

DF: [laughs]

JT: Panic attacks happen when you’re totally normal and just standing there and then all of a sudden the world falls apart.

DF: You’re totally right.

JT: Yeah.


Justin, do you wish that there was an additional season of the Leftovers, or anything you wish was added into the show that was cut?

JT: No, I don’t wish for another season. I feel like the editors and writers did a fantastic job of getting everything they wanted in. I mean there were things that we shot that were uncomfortable or annoying, but—

DF: Like what?

JT: Like, stuff in water, or getting beat up…

DF: Oh, yeah yeah. And they don’t ultimately use it.

JT: And they don’t ultimately use it. And you go, then why the hell was I sitting in a bucket of freezing water?

DF: Sure, sure. It’s nice to be on a show that just kind of goes out on top though, right? And like, leaves people wanting more.

JT: I hope so. Yeah, I mean, I like closed endings. So, I don’t want something where it starts to feel like it’s trying to be interesting when it’s stopped.

In high school, how were you different from the way you are now?


DF: Um, I was a lot more shy. It took me till like senior year to really come out of my shell. And, we were the group in high school who was throwing the frisbee at lunch. We were cool like that.

JT: Now the brownies are making sense.

DF: What were you like in high school?

JT: I matured very, very late. So it was early high school, and even middle high school was kind of a bummer. Because I was a couple heads shorter than everybody. And still had a high squeaky voice, and didn’t have facial hair and all the things that make you cool in high school.

DF: When did that voice drop?

JT: I think I wanna say like, end of sophomore year it kind of dropped? And then I started getting a little sweet 'stache and that kinda thing. And life improved! But I kinda already had that sort of Napoleonic mentality. Kinda followed me all through high school.

If you had the chance to join the cast of a Broadway show, what would you pick?

DF: You’ve done a lot of theater!

JT: I’ve done theater, but I haven’t done musicals because I can’t sing at all.

DF: A broadway show—I mean exactly, I can’t sing. My favorite show ever is Book of Mormon. So if I could sing, that would be the one.

JT: Oh, that’s hilarious. Yeah that would be the one that I would do too.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken that you feel has paid off?

JT: I, too, did skydiving, and it paid off, just as far as the straight up risks, because I survived.

DF: The scariest part is going up, yeah?

JT: The scariest part I think is sitting on the edge of the plane, and going, why am I jumping out of a perfectly good plane?

DF: There’s that moment too.

JT: I’m leaving the good thing, to go to the thing I don’t know about.

DF: Mhmm, mhmm. My guys though, we were filming it for this “do your bucketlist” show, so they were like messing with us. And I wasn’t harnessed into him yet, so we’re on the way up and he’s like faking like throwing me out of the plane, I’m like, this is the worst joke!

JT: I remember, my friend went first before me which I thought was a good idea like, you go first and then I’ll go. I guess I’m gonna see if his parachute works; it’s no correlation.

DF: [laughs] Right.

JT: But I remember him dropping out of the plane and he looked like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, he just went poof, like disappeared, and became this teensy little dot so fast.

Catch Justin Theroux and Dave Franco in the Lego Ninjago Movie, in theaters everywhere now! And if you want to adopt a kitten like these here, head to North Shore Animal League America!