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Here's What The New "Hunger Games" Theme Park Will Look Like

*Books trip to Atlanta in 2019*

A few months ago Lionsgate officially confirmed that The Hunger Games would be brought to life as a theme park in Dubai in 2016.

And now, as the New York Times recently reported, the dystopian world is also coming to the U.S. as part of Avatron Park in Atlanta (where most of the franchise was actually filmed!), which is planned to open in 2019.

Lionsgate /

And another park is slated to open in Macau, China, as well.

While the Atlanta-based park is a few years off, the Motiongate Dubai park will be making its debut in October 2016, featuring a variety of film-based attractions as part of the Lionsgate zone. / Via

The park will include a re-creation of District 12 where Katniss grew up, a real-life version of Peeta's bakery, costumed characters, the Hob (District 12's black market), a lavish Capitol-esque roller coaster resembling the fancy high-speed train from the films, and a simulator ride that will take guests on a hovercraft tour of Panem.

And for the first time you can actually see a sneak peek of what the park will look like in the image below:

Welcome to the proposed "Hunger Games" theme park

  1. So will you be heading to one of the parks when they open?

    Lionsgate /
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So will you be heading to one of the parks when they open?
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    HELL YES. I can't wait!
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    Ehh, maybe.
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    Um, no. Is this a joke? Did no one read the books?

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