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    Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Katy Perry and The Rock brainstormed a duet, Chrissy Teigen binged on Chinese food, and more!

    1. Steve Carell fantasized about his future pop star career:

    My new album drops today. (I always wanted to say that.)

    2. Ellen DeGeneres dropped some news:

    3. The Rock and Katy Perry brainstormed a future smash hit:

    4. Rebel Wilson went to Disneyland:

    Don't worry, back in action x #SpaceMountain

    5. Jenna Dewan Tatum's kid made a birthday cake for Channing:

    6. Jared Leto went climbing:

    7. Mara Wilson had some packing woes:

    "Surely a hotel won't have THIS" -Me, packing a hair dryer, every single time

    8. Hugh Jackman documented his vacation:

    I will post as many vacation photos as I want! Really, who's going to stop me? (Rhetorical)

    9. Josh Gad shared an important #TBT:

    This might be the most absurd #tbt post ever. This was me going through my Slim Shady phase. #whydidnobodystopme

    10. Skylar Astin and Anna Camp continued to be disgustingly adorable:

    11. Ryan Reynolds gave some music advice:

    "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. Good luck making love with that song stuck in your head.

    12. And The Weeknd gave some standard life advice:

    13. Reese Witherspoon enjoyed a street pretzel:

    The only way to celebrate #NationalPretzelDay 😍 Enjoy it, folks! #Nomnomnom #NYC

    14. Seth Rogen admitted to stealing:

    I straight up stole this from @questlove at the Tonight Show and framed that shit.

    15. And Chrissy Teigen binged on Chinese food:

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