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    16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Is there an emoji for crying in the fetal position whilst eating pizza? Asking for a friend." - Christina Applegate

    1. Ellen DeGeneres shared this A+ pun.

    Happy bday @APlusk, @ChrisRock and @GarthBrooks. I thought about you this morning. I was crossing a rocky brook, and fell on my Ashton.

    2. Hugh Jackman was a rebel.

    3. Seth Rogen shared this truth.

    Any negative reviews to my movies are #FakeReviews.

    4. Jenna Fischer and Pam were officially forgiven by Chili's.

    5. Cole Sprouse shared his Wednesday night plans.

    2 scoops please, waffle cup, and the smallest goddamn spoon you have. I'm gunna make this orgasm last all night.

    6. Christina Applegate asked this important question.

    Is there an emoji for crying in the fetal position whilst eating pizza? Asking for a friend

    7. Demi Lovato fangirled over Gaga.

    Mad props to @ladygaga... fucking killed it tonight. Oh and that football game was cool too.

    8. Zac continued to prove that the Efron genes are second to none.

    This is my brother Dylan- it's his birthday today- I love the crap out of him.

    9. Zara Larsson made us all go "hmmmm."

    10. Chrissy Teigen had this interesting experience.

    11. The Weeknd gave this warning.

    playing with me is a dangerous game.

    12. Sarah Hyland had the perfect dinner idea.

    You know? I just really want some dip. A good 5-7 layer dip. And chips of course.

    13. Joe Jonas and Jimmy Fallon did some underwear modeling.

    14. Camila Cabello made some excellent food choices.

    I don't know what moment it was that I decided I would eat chicken and waffles for literally every meal but I'm glad it happened

    15. Anna Kendrick had a few questions for her friends.

    When you know someone is crazy but your friends are like, "What are you talking about they seem great!"

    16. And Josh Gad was all of us.

    Everyday around this time, (for the past 3 weeks), this is me when looking at my twitter feed...

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