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    Amy Schumer Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And It's Hilarious

    "Because Jennifer [Lawrence] would eat me, you know? She’d be like, 'This is fun, we’ll have fun!' And then she’d start looking at me like I was a chicken, really fast. "

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    Amy Schumer, Queen of Comedy, is back on the big screen once again in her latest film I Feel Pretty. To celebrate the new comedy, we decided to sit down with Amy and some extremely cute rescue pups while she answered some of your fan questions — and as you can probably imagine, it was pretty damn funny.


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    Your character in I Feel Pretty kinda had a traumatic online group date experience, have you ever had a bad online dating experience?


    Amy Schumer: I was online dating for like truly 24 hours. And it was traumatic enough that I wanted to get out of there. But then I also met a guy that I had a nice couple years relationship with from online, so I’ve got no online hate. But you can start to feel really bad about yourself. You know it’s like, you kind of get judged like, this is how much you’re worth, and it makes you feel bad about yourself. It’s such a meat market. But I don’t know, a lot of people fall in love on there — like we [Amy and the pup] just fell in love, but I think that we got these dogs online.

    You’re stranded on a desert island. Which of these people you’ve worked with before do you want with you: Goldie Hawn, Lebron James, Jennifer Lawrence, or John Cena?


    AS: Goldie Hawn. Hands down. Goldie is, you wanna be stuck anywhere with her. Because Jennifer would eat me, you know? She’d be like, "This is fun, we’ll have fun!" And then she’d start looking at me like I was a chicken, really fast. But Goldie, you know, we’d at least party for a little while first.

    Jennifer Lawrence recently said you gave her some tough love after a breakup — has she ever given you similar advice?


    AS: Well I didn’t give her advice, I just sent her flowers saying sorry that she was gonna die alone. And I stand by that. I love Jennifer, she’s one of my best friends. And you know she’s beautiful on camera, and she’s an incredible actress, but, in person, when Jennifer’s up close, she, um, it all melts away and she’s very hideous [laughs]. Um, Jen is uh, yeah I knew I could mess with Jen about her breakup. She’ll bounce back quick.

    What’s the craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?


    AS: I read a rumor once that I — I don’t even want to say this. But it was that I had gone to jail for punching someone in the face at the Oscars. And I’ve never gone to the Oscars, but, yeah, it was written as fact.

    How will married life change your stand-up material?


    AS: I don’t know, I just started doing it! I mean, nobody’s ever gonna text me “You up?” again.

    What makes you feel pretty?


    AS: Puppies! Be around your friends. I know it sounds corny but seriously when you’re just like with your friends and you’re laughing and you just feel really, like, yourself and authentic. But also when someone has sex with you, you feel pretty. You’re like, okay, I must’ve looked well enough that you wanted to have sex with me, so that’s a compliment.

    You worked with Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps on I Feel Pretty. Were you a big Dawson’s Creek fan growing up?


    AS: Yes! Of course. I have a beating heart, so of course I like Dawson’s Creek.

    Which celebrity makes you laugh the most?


    AS: Dave Attell makes me laugh the most, the comedian, and he’s in the movie.

    How and when did you know your husband was ~the one~?


    AS: When he introduced himself as a chef.

    Have you ever had an embarrassing work out incident happen to you like Renee did in I Feel Pretty?


    AS: Yeah, I’ve had a lot. One time when I was working out and going for a walk in Austin I shit myself. You [dogs] know what that’s like.

    Be sure to catch Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty in theaters everywhere this Friday, April 20!

    And to learn more about these pups and others that are up for adoption, head to North Shore Animal League America!


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