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24 Ways To Get Engaged At The Disney Parks That Are Totally Magical

Set heart to "unmelt" mode.

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1. You could go for the traditional castle proposal at night:

3. You can involve Mickey, if you like:

4. Or you could bring in the Beast:

5. You could gather a big crowd outside the park:

6. Or get swept off your feet at Cinderella's table:

7. You could even surprise the crap out of Peter Pan:

8. Or your friends could conspire to give you the surprise of YOUR life:

9. If you just want to show the haterz what's what, that's cool, too:

10. One of you could get dressed up like a prince:

11. You could get it done in Fantasyland:

12. Or pop the question in front of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, if that's more your speed.

13. It could happen between jokes on the Jungle Cruise.

14. Or when you least expect it:

15. You could wait until the castle is all decked out for the holidays:

16. You could have some ~celebrity onlookers~:

17. Or show off your bling on Space Mountain:

18. Or you could be surprised in a gazebo:

19. You could have a royal entourage:

20. Or make your S.O. think that this is just an ordinary photo-op with a character:

Even if you accidentally also trip Goofy, whoops.

21. You can ask Tigger to help, if you're into that kind of fun fun fun fun fun:

22. You could do it in front of the fireworks:

23. Or while waiting in line:

24. Or just anywhere at all, really:

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