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The 13 Types Of People You See On Valentine's Day

It's the Super Bowl of feelings.

1. The Person With Sky High Expectations

2. The Person Who Tells Everyone That Hallmark Invented Valentine's Day

3. The Person Who Is Accidentally In A New Relationship

4. The Match-Maker

This person is usually in a long-term committed relationship, which they are probably a little bored of. So instead of facing that, they will instead choose to put their energy into forcing any number of will-they-or-won't-they situations around the office or school. Did you at one point mention that you thought that guy in accounting was cute? Don't worry: the match-maker thinks that this is definitely the day to loudly ask whether or not that guy is married.

5. The Person Who Forgot

6. The Chocoholic

7. The Person Who Calls It "Singles Awareness Day"

8. The Person In A Committed Relationship

This person is happy and their lives are going awesome and god dammit you hate them so much.

9. The Tinder Hound

10. The Person Who Is Overwhelmed

11. The Person Who Tells Everyone How Much They Plan To Drink Today

12. The Person Who Made Stuff For Everyone

13. The Person Trying To Plan A Ladies' Night