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10 Reasons Why People Who Spit In Public Are Horrible Humans

Actual spit censored, because that is what decent humans actually do.

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2. People who spit off of balconies are no better than birds who poop all over cars.

20th Century Fox

Just because you are spitting into water doesn't mean people don't still have to see it. The scene where Jack teaches Rose how to spit in Titanic is one of the most unwatchable parts, and Titanic is a movie where people drown and freeze and die.


4. People who spit in trashcans are people who don't care that other people have to touch and put things in that trashcan.

Not to mention smell it. Spit is not odorless.

5. People who spit chewing tobacco in public are the type of people who think it is OK for everyone to see brown stuff coming out of their body.

6. Anyone who tries to spit into a can or a bottle is leaving an innocent looking can or bottle that ANYONE could accidentally drink from.

8. Anyone who does a spit take because they think it is hilarious is not actually a hilarious person.


I'm sorry you're not awesome enough to come up with actual jokes, but spitting all over everything is just mean.


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