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    17 Reasons Why Idris Elba Is The James Bond You Want And Need

    It's a casting choice that's long overdue.

    1. He drops so many panties that he's forgotten what the floor looks like.

    2. He is crazy unimpressed with evil plots.

    3. He can go from zero to charming in one wink flat.

    4. He's very comfortable with elaborate gadgetry.

    5. The man was made to hold fancy drinks.

    6. Have I mentioned that he wears the crap out of suits?

    7. Keep in mind how much running he would be doing in a suit.

    8. So much Idris Elba running from behind.

    9. Look at those legs. Look at them.

    10. He is even more impressive once the clothes comes off.

    11. He's good with his pistol.

    12. Even his walk is serious business.

    13. He was made to pose dangerously around fancy cars.

    14. He can lay someone out without them even knowing that he's coming.

    15. He is the classiest gentleman to ever walk away slowly from an explosion.

    16. He can always be counted upon to save the world, even if it appears really, really unlikely.

    17. This is legit a handsome dude, and I cannot even handle it.