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21 Reasons Why Halloween Is Actually The Worst

You're secretly a Halloween Grinch, and that's OK.

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6. People suddenly thinking that these kinds of car pranks are hilarious, instead of genuinely troubling to see when you're driving.


You know the best time to see realistic body parts in a place they shouldn't be? When you're driving 65 mph behind them.


10. Haunted houses are about paying someone to traumatize you.


Have you seen my student loan payments? I have enough to be scared of. Being scared is like my full-time job. I do not need to pay additional money to be scared.


17. Pumpkin carving parties are actually just a bunch of drunk people holding knives hacking inexpertly at tough objects.

21. Saying that you hate Halloween makes you look like a total grinch.


Sure, you can hate on Christmas or Valentine's day all you want. But only a weirdo would hate kids and candy and costumes and fun, amirite?


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