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    Jan 10, 2015

    Gael García Bernal Is Proof That Everyone's Twenties Are Awkward

    He has come so far.

    This is Gael García Bernal. He is 36, perfect, and growing more perfect by the day.

    Getty Images Mireya Acierto

    "He woke up like this!" You might sadly assume, knowing that you will never be able to pull your life together.

    Getty Images Mireya Acierto

    HOWEVER, in 2001, 22-year-old Gael García Bernal was a still a work in progress.

    LUCY NICHOLSON / Getty Images

    Like you, he didn't own an iron, either.

    Fresh off of Amores Perros, he still resembled that guy in your history class who was hoping you'd come watch him play Magic: The Gathering on Saturday.

    AFP / Getty Images LUCY NICHOLSON

    You know, one who wanted to know if you needed help with any of the homework from last week because he remembered you had a doctor's appointment.

    And let us never forget 2002 Gael Garcia Bernal, who went through a bit of a Freddie Prinze Jr. phase.

    AFP / Getty Images LUCY NICHOLSON

    Rockin' that shirt collar over the jacket look.

    But now, under the nurturing glow of three decades of wisdom, Gael García Bernal has become a beautiful hair and fashion wizard, with eyes that say, "I understand how my 401k works."

    Getty Images Mireya Acierto

    I don't think the vapors are a thing that actually exist, but if they do, I definitely have them.

    And at this rate of growth, he is projected to be the world's top producer of pants feelings by the year 2019.

    Getty Images Sam Santos

    Gael García Bernal is concrete proof that your thirties are when you become an actual awesome human being.

    LUCY NICHOLSON / Getty Images
    Mireya Acierto / Getty Images

    THERE IS HOPE. Amen.

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