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    14 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Pigs

    They are probably better at video games than you are.

    1. Pigs can play video games.

    National Geographic / Via

    A pig can be taught to manipulate a joystick in order to reach a goal, and can keep successfully doing it even as the game gets harder.

    A Jack Russell terrier was given the same task, and was never able to figure it out, even after a year.

    2. Pigs can even play video games with people.

    In 2012, a team in the Netherlands developed an iPad game that you can play with a pig -- the goal is for you and the pig to work together to move a ball of light over to a goal area.

    3. There is an uninhabited island in the Caribbean that is home to a bunch of wild pigs who love to swim up to boats when people come to visit.

    Flickr: Tam Warner Minton / Creative Commons
    Flickr: cdorobek

    Flickr: cdorobek / Creative Commons

    Flickr: travels_with_tam

    Flickr: Tam Warner Minton / Creative Commons

    Because they've come to associate people with free food!

    4. Pigs can be taught to do tricks!

    A pig named Mudslinger killed it on America's Got Talent this past summer.

    5. The ancient Romans were total jerks and used pigs as weapons to wage wars.


    The ancient Romans lit pigs on fire and sent them squealing and terrified into invading armies in order to freak out and scatter their war elephants.

    So, here is a gif of a pig skateboarding, instead.

    6. There is a pig named Kama in Hawaii who can surf!

    7. A pig can squeal as loudly as as 130 decibels... that's 15 decibels louder than a chain saw.

    Geico / Via

    8. In Bhutan, Cannibis is used as pig feed. Cannibis grows naturally everywhere, and it gives pigs the munchies, which makes them fatter.


    9. In 1984, a pig named Priscilla saved an 11-year-old boy from drowning in a lake.


    As he was drowning, the pig swam out to him. He was able to grab onto her harness and allow her to pull him to shore.

    10. Pigs can figure out how to use mirrors to find food, even while their sense of smell is obfuscated.

    11. Pigs are actually not filthy; they only roll in mud to stay cool. They are even capable of housebreaking themselves.


    12. Piglets like to cuddle with each other.


    They tend to snuggle together in order to stay warm.

    13. It's possible to ride a pig: A man in China, who was unable to walk, now gets around town by riding his 3-foot-tall pig.

    14. Pigs are capable of being tricksy with each other to get food.


    Pigs can do things like make sure other pigs aren't looking when they go to get food, so as not to let the other pigs know where the food is.


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