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19 Things Only Geminis Understand

You're going to be really, really excited about reading this... for about three seconds.

1. You can get SUPER SUPER excited about ANY idea, so long as it's not more than a few seconds old.

2. You will strike up conversations with just about anybody, you can't help it, you want to know everyone's story.

3. Though sometimes, you can get on too much of a roll while chatting.

4. You want to hang out with everyone, but you sometimes forget that's not humanly possible.

5. Being home sick on a weekend is just the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

6. You're obsessively curious about everything, so your Google search history is... fun.

7. You've bought a ton of daily deals that you've never used.

8. Your room is a mess because everything you own is in the last place you were standing right before you lost interest in it.

9. You're very eager to start text and Gchat conversations, but you're not really good at remembering to end them.

10. You're so excited to hang out that you frequently over-schedule yourself.

11. You have started and then abandoned at least 3 blogs.

12. There are two very different sides to you, and sometimes it can freak people out.

13. On the one hand, you approach a party with the same level of dedication that some people approach their PhDs.

14. But the other side of you is seriously focused and ready to take on that 40 page report or really get serious about updating their twitter.

15. Just when everyone thinks that you're having a good time, you can just as quickly want to go home.

16. Your friends may sometimes think you're unsympathetic to their problems because you have a hard time not seeing both sides of the story.

17. But you're the person everyone calls whenever they want to take an impromptu trip to anywhere.

18. Because you're so fickle, online dating is perfect for you and terrible for the people trying to date you.

19. But even though you may seem hot and cold, you're really just two halves of the same person, which means you can be a good fit for everybody.