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    I Ranked All 43 Of Wanda Maximoff's Outfits From "Never Should've Been On Screen" To "Absolute Perfection"

    Her style was the only good part of Avengers: Age of Ultron!

    I think it's pretty obvious from the ending of WandaVision that Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, is the most powerful Avenger.

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    However, WandaVision also proved that she's the best-dressed Avenger.

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    Her style has definitely evolved since her MCU debut in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier mid-credits scene in 2014, so I decided to rank all 43 of her outfits from the past seven years:

    43. Her very first outfit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier gives me "ghost of a Victorian child" vibes.

    ill-fitting dingy peasant dress
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    She deserved a better introduction to the MCU.

    42. The version from WandaVision is slightly better.

    a knee-length longsleeved dingy dres
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The change in the neckline makes it more "ghost from the 21st century."

    41. Her prison garb from Captain America: Civil War rounds out the bottom three.

    a jumpsuit with her arms strapped down
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Still creepy, but at least it isn't ghostlike.

    40. Her hero costume from Captain America: Civil War is cool, but honestly, I don't really like it, and neither did Elizabeth.

    long jacket and corset top
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    39. It didn't really change between then and Avengers: Infinity War, but it looks like it was remade with slightly better material.

    long coat and corset top with fingerless gloves
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    38. And again, for Avengers: Endgame, it's the same outfit with slightly better material — her pants finally aren't bunching up.

    structured long leather jacket, floral corset top
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    37. Her pajamas from the opening sequence of WandaVision Episode 6 are cute in a "walking out to the mailbox" sort of way.

    bathrobe and PJ shorts
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I mean, without the curlers and the robe, it would be a decent summer outfit.

    36. Her going-out sweats from Episode 7 would've been better off inside.

    jackets, t-shirt, and jeans
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    After all the great looks she had in previous episodes, I wish we could've seen something here that was a little more '00s. This could've been a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

    35. Her casual outfit from a flashback scene in Episode 8 is an alright look.

    jacket and t-shirt
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    It's basic, but that's what she needed in this moment.

    34. Her bathrobe from Episode 7 is such a great color — we rarely get to see Wanda in anything that isn't red or black.

    plaid bathrobe and sweats
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Also, it looks like it could be Vision's robe, which is just super cute.

    33. This simple look from Captain America: Civil War is casual yet cute.

    shorts and a longsleeved shirt
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Green is another color I wish she got to wear more often!

    32. I like how this outfit she wears a few scenes later mixes her style from Avengers: Age of Ultron (where she wore a lot of casual dresses) with the new style she adopted in Civil War.

    jacket over a dress
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The necklaces are also very AoU Wanda!

    31. But I love how this outfit from WandaVision Episode 9 mirrors her hero suit.

    jacket with a hood, skinny jeans, and boots
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Even the color palette is the same!

    30. Honestly, Wanda's style was the only good part of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    short sleeve dress and cuffs
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I miss emo Wanda.

    29. Like, she could've been a Tumblr famous fashion blogger with this 'fit.

    a long dress over leggings with ankle boots
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    She's the queen of combat boots.

    28. This '60s ensemble from WandaVision Episode 2 is nice, but it just seems plain compared to what she wore for the '50s and the '70s.

    cadigan, floral top, and capris
    Marvel / Via Disney+

     It would've been amazing to see her fully lean into the mod aesthetic!

    27. This Avengers: Age of Ultron look deserved more time to shine.

    billowing sleeves and a cloak
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    With as much red as she wears, you can't tell me some intrinsic part of her didn't know she was the Scarlet Witch. 

    26. This outfit she wore later in the movie is proof that she knows how to accessorize.

    cardigan, skinny jeans, and two belts
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I'm obsessed with the sheer amount of rings she's wearing. 

    25. This dress is quintessential AoU Wanda, and it would be ranked much higher if it was at all practical for battling Ultron.

    short dress and leather jacket
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    C'mon, they could've at least given her a pair of leggings or pulled her hair back.

    24. The dress she wore during the funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame is appropriate for the occasion, but it also brings in just a little bit of her personality through the red flowers.

    long floral dress and long dark coat
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    It also sort of ties together who she was in Sokovia (the flowy dress similar to her AoU wardrobe) with the hero Tony helped her become (a long cloak like her hero costume).

    23. She changed her personal style up a lot when she went into hiding during Avengers: Infinity War, but it really suits her.

    knit beanie, tshirt, jacket, and high waisted pants
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Wanda Maximoff invented beanies.

    22. The pajamas she wore in the opening of WandaVision Episode 2 are pretty, but they kind of blend into the furniture.

    vintage floral PJs
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    TBH, they'd make a pretty pattern for a comforter. 

    21. I like everything about this '70s outfit from the title sequence in Episode 3 except the balloon sleeves.

    bell bottoms and a vest over a blouse
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    They give me circus tent vibes.

    20. Similarly, this '70s dress is cute on its own, but I don't know how I feel about the pink tights.

    short dress and tights
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Maybe they're just too close to the shade of Vision's face for me.

    19. I'm obsessed with her '80s denim skirt from Episode 5!

    oversized sweater and denim skirt
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    If anyone finds something similar on Depop, let me know.

    18. This '70s house dress from Episode 3 is everything.

    striped house dress
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Again, Wanda in green — need I say more?

    17. The '50s outfits from Episode 1 are elite, starting with this one.

    '50s dress with floral skirt
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The floral skirt? I'm obsessed.

    16. The addition of the bowtie top and daisy chain necklace totally elevated the floral skirt.

    '50s dress with bow
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Honestly, what's not to love?

    15. The fancy '50s robe was the best, though.

    long robe with furry sleeves
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    So glamorous! 

    14. Her '70s maternity dress from Episode 3 is iconic.

    empire waist maternity dress with stripes
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    She should wear stripes more often!

    13. Something about this '80s outfit from Episode 5 just checks every box for me.

    turtleneck, floral vest, and pleated pants
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Like, where can I get a pair of these pink pants?

    12. This plaid dress from the opening sequence of Episode 3 deserved way more time onscreen.

    gingham dress
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The '70s outfits deserved an entire season of their own.

    11. Her best hero costume as an Avenger was the first one she had at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron — and it's the only one that actually looks practical for fighting.

    structured leather jacket
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Like, why did she have to trade this one in for the plain jacket and corset top?

    10. Of all the '70s outfits from WandaVision Episode 3, this one's the best, which puts it in the top 10.

    patchwork cardigan and turtleneck
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    '70s Wanda is Harry Styles' fashion inspiration for sure.

    9. Going back to her Avengers: Age of Ultron looks, this one is 2015 fashion at its finest.

    short dress and leather jacket
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    When I say we should bring back 2010s trends, this is what I mean. 

    8. Her Avenger costume finally looked its best for this short scene in WandaVision Episode 5.

    long coat and jeans
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The WandaVision costume designers understood the assignment. 

    7. This outfit she wore in Avengers: Infinity War just looks so cozy, I had to rank it highly.

    soft longsleeve top and pajama shorts
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    This outfit, just like this scene with Wanda and Vision, deserved more screentime.

    6. These rings earned her undercover outfit from Avengers: Age of Ultron a top spot.

    army jacket, hat, and rings
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I love her attention to detail!

    5. Her retro Scarlet Witch Halloween costume from WandaVision Episode 6 could win the award for cutest costume of all time.

    retro Scarlet Witch Halloween costume with cape and tights
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    It's also a great throwback to her character's history!

    4. But her magician's assistant costume from Episode 2 gets extra points for being sparkly.

    sparkly bodysuit, fishnets, and top hat
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I don't make the rules.

    3. Her wedding dress from Episode 1 is stunning.

    Audrey Hepburn-inspired wedding dress
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I feel like Wanda would've worn a dress like this if she'd had a modern wedding anyway.

    2. This '80s outfit from Episode 5 is the cutest thing in Wanda's closet — it must be the suspenders.

    plaid top and high waisted jeans with suspenders
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Also, this is proof that high-waisted jeans should never go out of style.

    1. And finally, her Scarlet Witch costume from Episode 9 is hands down the best outfit Wanda Maximoff has ever worn.

    sculpted top with a high neckline, structured hm, and long gloves
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    I couldn't imagine a more fitting super suit for the most powerful Avenger. 

    In conclusion, whenever someone asks you which Avenger has the best style, remember:

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