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17 Celebs' Former Classmates Shared What They Were REALLY Like In School

"My dad went to high school with Mariah Carey. Apparently, she was as full of herself then as she is now. That didn't stop him from naming my sister after her, though."

Quite a while back, a since-deleted Reddit account asked, "Those who went to high school with celebrities, who were they and what were they like?"

Here's what the former classmates of 17 celebs had to say about them:

Disclaimer: These stories have not been verified. The users are supposedly speaking from their own experiences.

1. "I went to school with Natalia Dyer (Nancy from Stranger Things). She's an awesome person, and she's very down-to-earth and quiet. [She's also] incredibly kind and thoughtful."


Closeup of Natalia Dyer

2. "Went to school with Bo Burnham. Cool guy. Didn't get to talk to him a whole lot, but he seemed cool."


Closeup of Bo Burnham

3. "Wiz Khalifa went to school here for a year or two due to his parents being military. My older sister was a year ahead of him in junior high. Surprisingly, those that remember him from school say he was more of a goody-two-shoes who would have never touched weed. He played football and supposedly still keeps in contact with some old friends here."


Wiz Khalifa onstage

4. "My dad went to high school with Mariah Carey. Apparently, she was as full of herself then as she is now. That didn't stop him from naming my sister after her, though."


Mariah Carey

5. "My sister went to high school with Jeffree Star. It was the 2000s. Let's just say he was the emo king, and he always had a full face of makeup with crazy hair. Emo girls would compete for his attention, and he was an antisocial jerk. Most high school drama was about him."


Closeup of Jeffree Star

6. "John Mayer went to my high school and sang with my friend's brother's band. I never met him, but I heard he [allegedly] stole a bunch of their songs for his solo album. They told me he was a dick because of that, but I'm not sure about prior."


John Mayer onstage

7. "Went to school with Harry Styles. Didn't know him, but he seemed pretty quiet. I remember his band [White Eskimo] playing in the school hall."


Harry Styles onstage

8. "My grandparents went to school with Danny DeVito. They said they had always thought he would end up in jail."


Closeup of Danny DeVito

9. "Josh Hutcherson. He was always very quiet, didn't talk to people that much, and wasn't around often, as he was already an actor. We weren't friends, but others have said that he was a little stuck-up. Although, I wonder if it's because he just wanted some time to be a regular kid."


Closeup of Josh Hutcherson

10. "I was a bench player as a senior on the St. Vincent-St. Mary basketball team when LeBron James was a freshman. Coolest dude. Had the backs of everyone."


LeBron James shooting a ball

11. "I went to high school with Carrie Underwood. She was a grade below me. She sang at just about every football and basketball game we had, as well as the yearly 'Old Settlers Day' celebration. She was nice, though there are some who might say she was just the teensiest bit snobby. This was mostly because she didn't party like a lot of kids her age were at the time."

Carrie Underwood onstage

12. "Karlie Kloss was a year under me in high school. I didn't really know her well, but one of my best friends was really close with her. She kept her normal life and her model life pretty separate and was always super sweet and down to earth."

Closeup of Karlie Kloss

13. "My ex went to high school with Zac Efron. They were in a play together, but he ended up getting more and more famous at that point, so he ended up homeschooling or something before graduation."


Closeup of Zac Efron

14. "I went to the same middle school and high school as Tyler the Creator. He was KIND OF a loner. In high school, he would spend his lunch in the auditorium playing on the piano. He kept to himself at school but was really goofy and energetic. I remember, in middle school, he made a MySpace music page and posted some beats he made. He was already into graphic art and stuff (like the clothes and stuff he sells now)."

Tyler the Creator onstage

15. "Christina Perri. We were pretty tight freshman year, and then I went the super angsty teen route, and she took the more chill 'hippie' route. We always still got along but didn't hang out after that. She was always incredibly nice, regardless."


Christina Perri

16. "My cousin went to high school with George R. R. Martin [the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the series adapted into Game of Thrones] and recalled having a freshman lit class with him. When it was time for everyone to read their stories, George's was BY FAR the best. Apparently, the entire class simultaneously dropped their jaws. Guy’s a talent. Oh, and apparently, he was a typical nice dude."

George R. R. Martin

17. And finally: "My grandmother went to high school with Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jean Baker [her birth name] only went to the same high school as Grandma for one year. Grandma said she was very shy."


Marilyn Monroe

Did one of your former classmates grow up to be famous? What were they like when you knew them? Share your answers in the comments!

Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.