37 "Stranger Things" Season 4 Side-By-Sides That Show What Was Happening Behind The Scenes Vs. On The Show

    Vecna's lair in the Upside Down was a huge set made up of blue screens and practical set pieces.

    🚨 Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4! 🚨

    1. First, here's Sadie Sink filming the beginning of Max's encounter with Vecna in "Dear Billy."

    A side by side of Sadie on a blue screen set vs in the show

    2. Vecna's Upside Down lair was made up of a combination of practical set design and digital effects.

    The Creel house in the Upside Down set vs in the show

    3. This is Sadie Sink stepping into the Upside Down version of the Creel house, which actually included a staircase that the crew built.

    Max walking through the Upside Down creel house behind the scenes vs in the show

    4. Chrissy's dead body in Vecna's Upside Down lair was a dummy, which they then added more effects onto during post-production.

    Chrissy's dead body behind the scenes vs in the show

    5. Sadie Sink and her stunt double were dragged by a rope in order to get the shot where the Upside Down vines pull Max.

    Sadie Sink being dragged by her ankle through the Upside Down

    6. Here's Sadie Sink and Jamie Campbell Bower filming the moment when Vecna and Max come face-to-face for the first time.

    Max being captured by Vecna behind the scenes vs in the show

    7. And here's another angle that shows how absolutely incredible and terrifying Vecna's makeup is in real life.

    Vecna looking at Max behind the scenes vs in the show

    8. Here's Sadie Sink and Jamie Campbell Bower giving amazing performances when Max is held hostage by vines and Vecna hears her friends trying to save her.

    Vecna hearing Max's friends calling out for her

    9. Sadie Sink's stunt double did a lot of the falling moments during the "Running Up That Hill" montage, like the one below where Max slides in a pool of blood.

    Sadie's stunt double falling in blood vs Max falling in the episode

    10. Here's Sadie Sink running for her life as Max tries to reach her friends and escape.

    Sadie running on a blue screen soundstage vs Max running in the Upside Down

    11. This is Sadie Sink getting hoisted up on wires after Dustin, Lucas, and Steve start playing "Running Up That Hill" for Max.

    Max being hoisted on wires

    12. And, here's another cool angle of how they filmed the moment when Max lifts off the ground while in Vecna's trance.

    Sadie being hoisted into the air vs Max levitating

    You can watch the video side-by-side below:

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Stranger_Things

    13. This is Jamie Campbell Bower filming the spinning moment at the end of Episode 7, when One is thrust into the Upside Down by Eleven.

    Jamie falling through the air behind the scenes vs One falling through the Upside Down

    14. And, here's Jamie Campbell Bower screaming his lungs out while shooting the scene when One transforms into Vecna.

    Jamie filming on a blue screen vs One screaming

    You can watch the video side-by-side below:

    loving @Jamiebower but hating vecna. yes we exist.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Stranger_Things

    15. Here's Millie Bobby Brown and the crew shooting the moment at the roller rink when Angela and her friends tease Eleven.

    16. Millie Bobby Brown filming the moment when Eleven begins to cry while getting bullied by Angela and her friends.

    Millie Bobby Brown filming the scene where Eleven cries while being bullied

    17. A crew member behind the camera actually tossed a milkshake at Millie Bobby Brown during this scene.

    Millie getting hit in the face with a milkshake

    18. And here's how they safely filmed the moment when Eleven slips and falls in the middle of the rollerskating rink.

    Millie falling onto a stunt pad vs Eleven falling onto the ground

    You can watch the video side-by-side below:

    going inside the only scene that scares me as much as the vecna ones

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Stranger_Things

    19. Here's Logan Riley Bruner, who plays Fred, getting hoisted into the air during Fred's Vecna moment in Episode 2.

    Netflix / @strangerwriters / Via Twitter: @strangerwriters
    Fred floating up off the ground

    20. All of the scenes filmed on the lake were shot in a huge convention center in Atlanta, where they built an enormous water tank.

    A huge pool in front of a blue screen on a soundstage with a boat

    21. Here's Joseph Quinn, Maya Hawke, Natalia Dyer, and Joe Keery shooting a moment in the boat from Episode 6.

    Joseph Quinn, Maya Hawke, Natalia Dyer, and Joe Keery shooting a moment in the boat in "Stranger Things"

    22. And this is Joe Keery getting ready to dive in the — probably freezing — water.

    Joe standing on the edge of the boat behind the scenes vs Steve doing it in the show

    23. The crew built a set underwater for when Steve dives down to find The Gate. Here's Joe Keery filming the moment when Steve finds it for the first time.

    Joe as Steve finding the gate to the Upside Down

    24. This is Joe Keery shooting the scene when Steve is dragged back underwater and into the Upside Down.

    Joe being pulled through The Gate opening behind the scenes vs in the show

    25. And, here's another angle of Joe Keery preparing to film Steve's big underwater scene in Episode 6.

    Joe sitting underwater vs Steve being dragged into the Upside Down

    26. Natalia Dyer preparing to get slimed while filming a moment from Episode 7 where Nancy, Robin, Steve, and Eddie are trapped in the Upside Down.

    Netflix / @strangerwriters / Via Twitter: @strangerwriters
    Nancy hitting an Upside Down bat off of Steve

    27. Millie Bobby Brown just hanging in between takes while filming Eleven's big showdown with One.

    When Netflix asks if you want to “Skip Intro”:

    Netflix / @strangerwriters / Via Twitter: @strangerwriters
    Millie being hung by the ceiling behind the scenes vs Eleven floating in the air

    28. Here's Millie Bobby Brown pumping up Matthew Modine and Martie Blair, who played young Eleven in Season 4.

    Millie, Martie, and Matthew doing jumping jacks behind the scenes vs the finished moment

    You can watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

    To get revved up for a big scene, Millie often does jumping jacks. She taught this to Martie…and then Matthew Modine picked it up. Never too late to learn new tricks!

    Netflix / @strangerwriters / Via Twitter: @strangerwriters

    29. This is what the Demogorgon fighting pit that Hopper finds himself in while trapped in Russia looks like.

    30. Here's the Stranger Things crew getting ready to film Hopper's railroad moments.

    Crew members standing in the snow and near train tracks

    31. Finn Wolfhard, Gabriella Pizzolo, Noah Schnapp, and Charlie Heaton film the moment when Suzie gives Mike the coordinates to The Nina Project.

    Finn Wolfhard, Gabriella Pizzolo, Noah Schnapp, and Charlie Heaton filming for "Stranger Things"

    32. Here's Finn Wolfhard shooting the moment when Suzie's sibling shoots him in the head with a toy arrow.

    Finn standing in front of a green screen with an arrow on his forehead

    33. Here's what it looked like for Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, and Joe Keery to shoot the moment where they wait for Max to visit Billy's grave.

    Lucas sitting on the hood of Steve's car behind the scenes vs in the show

    34. The massive shootout in the Byers's California home in "Dear Billy" was filmed in one take. So, here's a side-by-side of the cast walking through the scene vs. the finished product.

    Jonathan screaming behind the scenes vs in the show

    35. And here's another look at filming this amazing one-shot moment where Jonathan, Mike, and Will are running for their lives.

    Charlie Heaton, Finn Wolfhard, and Noah Schnapp pinned against a wall

    36. Natalia Dyer prepares to shoot a moment at Pennhurst Mental Hospital, where Nancy and Robin go to speak to Victor Creel.

    Natalia Dyer shooting a scene for "Stranger Things"

    37. And finally, here's what it looked like behind the scenes while filming the moment when Dustin, Erica, and Lucas realize they can talk to Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie through the lights.

    Dustin, Erica, and Lucas looking at a light

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