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    These 15 Paranormal Encounters Cast And Crew Had On Set Are Scarier Than The Horror Movies Themselves

    Trust me, don't read this alone in the dark.

    Horror movies are made to be terrifying. However, sometimes the true horror happens behind the scenes.

    Here are 15 of the scariest paranormal encounters that cast and crew members said they experienced on horror movie sets:

    1. The first time the cast of Annabelle Comes Home were all on set together, the lights went out, and they didn't come back on until the actors asked, "Annabelle, are you there?"

    Annabelle is a haunted doll

    2. The Twilight Zone was already believed to place a curse on its stars leading to mysterious deaths, and it culminated when a helicopter crash on the set of the movie adaptation killed actor Vic Morrow and two child actors.

    the same show that inspired Disney's Tower of Terror

    3. While filming The Conjuring, actor Vera Farmiga began seeing a mysterious trio of claw marks everywhere, from her computer screen to her own thigh.

    she played Lorraine Warren

    4. According to urban legend, the spirit of Heather O’Rourke, the child actor who starred in Poltergeist, haunted the set of Ghost.

    Ghost is the Patrick Swayze movie with the pottery scene

    5. Filming for The Exorcist was shut down for six weeks after the entire set for the MacNeil family home burned down — except for Regan's demon-possessed bedroom.

    Regan is the girl who projectile vomits

    6. An accidental fire in the processing lab destroyed 13,500 feet of The Omen remake's film, including the scene that reveals the identity of the antichrist.

    the little bow is the antichrist

    7. While filming The House of the Devil, the cast and crew stayed at the allegedly haunted Yankee Pedlar Inn, and they "would go and shoot this satanic horror movie nearby, but the weirder stuff would happen back at the hotel."

    the next movie was filmed in the actual hotel

    8. On the set of Annabelle Comes Home, a piano bench moved around the replica of the Warrens' artifact room on its own.

    the set was a replica of the museum the real ghosthunters kept

    9. While filming The Conjuring, Vera Farmiga repeatedly woke up between 3 and 4 a.m. — the witching hour — which is also the time frame when the witch in the movie dies.

    her character lived in a super haunted house

    10. While shooting a scene for The Nun in a Romanian castle, director Corin Hardy stepped into a room to get out of the camera's way, and he saw two mysterious figures.

    The Nun is part of the Conjuring franchise

    11. Actor Laura Harrington "always felt like someone was going to die" on the set of Maximum Overdrive, a fear that was made worse by the near-death experiences several crew members had as well as the hurricane that hit during production.

    movie based on a Stephen King novel

    12. A series of inexplicable events, such as lights exploding during important scenes and gusts of wind in a room with closed doors, on the set of The Possession led actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan to believe in the supernatural.

    the crew also refused to have the real box on set

    13. The 2013 movie Return to Babylon was shot on silent movie–era film, and the actors' faces seemed to morph into demons periodically as the scenes were played back.

    the actors' faces morphed into fanged ghosts

    14. A few weeks into shooting The Conjuring, actor Joey King woke up covered in unexplained bruises, which also happened to her character's mother in the film.

    she played one of the five daughters

    15. And finally, while The Lords of Salem was shooting in the allegedly haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital, a buzzer kept going off in a patient's room, despite the fact that there were no patients there.

    the basement also made the crew feel sick