After Their "SNL" Performance, Halsey Got Real About How Giving Birth Changed Their Body Forever, And It's So Important

    "I do not want to feed the illusion that you’re meant to feel and look 'great.'"

    In case you hadn't heard, Halsey gave birth to their first child, Ender Aydin, on July 14.

    Over the weekend, she made her fifth appearance on Saturday Night Live, performing "I Am Not a Woman, I'm a God" and "Darling" live.

    Halsey performing with Lindsey Buckingham

    As always, they looked incredible, which a lot of people pointed out, but she said it "was a weird feeling."

    Halsey singing while wearing bodysuit

    On Instagram, they shared pictures from a few days after their baby was born. In the caption, she said, "I am posting this because no matter what I do, people are going to talk about my body. It is confusing symptom of being in the public eye so rather than complain I am going to give you something real to talk about!"

    "My body has felt like a stranger’s for a long time. I uphold myself to honesty to the point of over sharing sometimes but this feels important," they continued.

    She pointed out that a lot of people don't know that after giving birth, "you still look pregnant for a while after."

    However, they also acknowledged that their body looked different on TV than it does in real life. She said, "The body behind all those compliments the other night was wearing a custom tailored outfit and lighted perfectly after much testing, so I could feel good and do my job. I do not want to feed the Illusion that you’re meant to feel and look 'great' immediately postpartum."

    Halsey on SNL

    They said they'll never have their “pre-baby body back” and they "don’t want to go back!"

    Halsey performing in early 2020

    She concluded, "But in the spirit of honesty, I’m really tired and not a superhuman and this is really hard. Doing my best to serve my art and my family whilst keeping it all so very real."

    Congratulations again to Halsey and Alev Aydin on the birth of their beautiful baby, and a huge kudos to Halsey for reminding everyone that you shouldn't expect mothers to look a certain way after giving birth — their bodies are beautiful before, during, and after pregnancy.