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    These Deceased Family Members Must Have Been Really Wild, Because They Left Some ~interesting~ Stuff To Their Loved Ones

    "There are 30-year-old meatballs in my freezer..."

    Recently, TikTok user @omfgitsamie shared the weirdest thing her grandma left her when she passed away:


    I’m mostly just wondering if anyone has something even weirder to share? #stitchthis

    ♬ original sound - Amie

    It's a hand-carved, anatomically correct penis walking cane!

    @omfgitsamie /

    Other TikTok users started jumping on the trend to share the odd things they, too, were left — like user @bianca.953:

    She was also left a sexual organ–themed item by her grandma — a beautiful vagina pillow, complete with a clitoris.

    And if you thought the penis- and vagina-themed gifts ended there, well, you're wrong. Check out what user @chanda.ann's grandma and grandpa left her:


    #stitch with @omfgitsamie why do our grandparents have these things? 🤣 #HotwireHotelGoals #papa #familyheirlooms #why #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Chanda

    She inherited hairy dolls with very realistic (and developed) body parts, an apron with a hidden penis, and some other weirdly sexual everyday objects!

    OK, now that I've scared (or excited!) you into thinking your sweet granny may leave you a large penis- or vagina-shaped object when she dies, let's move on to some non-sexual things people were left by loved ones...


    Like user @dewmara, who currently has her deceased mother's 30-year-old meatballs in her freezer:

    "My mom passed away 30 years ago this month, and when she died, my sister took a container of my mom's meatballs. The last meatballs she ever made. They were in a Cool Whip container in a paper bag from McDonald's, sittin' in the freezer. And my sister took them, and she's kept them all this time. My sister passed away last summer and now I am the owner of the meatballs. So, there are 30-year-old meatballs in my freezer that will be passed down to my daughter when I die, too."'s grandmother left her leather trousers with "explicit instructions to wear them for the lesbians."

    #stitch with @omfgitsamie my #NannyB was not like other grandmothers #auntielizzie #alphabetmafia

    ♬ original sound - Just Lizzie

    But @marshmallow.witch was left something a bit less comical — her grandma's antique mirror that is likely haunted:

    "So, my grandmother didn't identify as a witch, but she was into some witchy shit. I inherited this very old silver mirror when my grandmother passed away and I would have it out a lot at first because I would just be admiring it — it is beautiful. Yeah, well, if I would ever leave it out overnight, it would always be somewhere different than where I left it in the morning. Usually, I would put it on a completely flat surface and somehow, throughout the night, it would end up on the floor. First, I kind of just brushed it off and thought that maybe I was just remembering wrong. But then it continued to happen over a period of a couple of weeks, until one day I watched it just slide off of my completely level desk. Then I talked to somebody that had a bit more knowledge than I did about entities and different things like that. Long story short, my grandma left me a mirror with an entity attached to it."

    Phew, some of these are wild, right? OK, let's finish up with some more light-hearted things people inherited from loved ones!


    User @yeahmommasaidit's grandma left her a good, old-fashioned potato masher:

    And @glassmenagerie's grandma left her a quality, old-fashioned cheese grater...but her brother got a truck:

    @emmatibbs94 was left a peculiar set of butter knife hair clips by her grandmother:

    @secretaryofnostate's grandpa left her both of his metal shoulders, as well as several pairs of dentures — including the ones he was wearing when he died:

    Lastly, user @opesry doesn't have a dead relative yet, but she does know what'll be left to her because it's in the will... IT'S SOCKS!


    #stitch with @omfgitsamie not nearly as weird but SO MANY SOCKS. Like 400 pairs.

    ♬ original sound - Opesry

    Alright, we wanna know what odd thing you were left when a relative passed away — let us know in the comments!

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