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    We Did A Lot Of Research On Kid's Toys And Here Are The Best Ones You Can Still Get Before Christmas

    We weeded out the toys that aren't worth the hype and kept it to the ones you can still get in time!

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    Hi, we're Asia and Krista and we are moms to some pretty amazing kiddos. Asia has 6-year-old twin daughters – Cailyn and Bria – and Krista has an 11-year-old son – Evan.


    Since we've been doin' the whole Christmas thing for a while now, we know how stressful shopping for the kids can get. Deciding what toys fit in your budget, what toys your kid will actually play with, what toys you can get last-minute, and what toys won't annoy the heck out of you, it's overwhelming! So, we decided to do some research to find out what gifts are really worth it this year – MOM TO MOM.

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    1. A talking learning book that features 100 common words to help little ones learn.


    LeapFrog makes a ton of educational toys for young kids. Their 100 Words Learning Book includes common words including pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside, vehicles, clothes, and more.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.88.

    2. A play kitchen so your growing toddler can whip up some fun, pretend meals for the family.


    This Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen has provided several years of pretend play for my girls, and honestly, even though they have just about outgrown it, they really don't want to let it go. –Asia

    Get it from Amazon for $82.99.

    3. And some pretend food to stock their kitchen up!


    iPlay sells a play food set that includes everything from desserts to fruits. The set also includes plates and utensils.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

    4. Cry Babies Magic Tears that include babies with accessories make for a great stocking stuffer.


    Inside each bottle is a baby with eight hidden accessories. The babies cry tears after you squeeze their belly.

    Get a three-pack of bottles from Amazon for $16.99.

    5. Cozy and cute slipper booties to keep your kid's feet warm.

    Garnet Hill

    Garnett Hill's children's slippers feature an anti-slip hard sole, a soft knit cuff around the ankle, and are made of insulating, boiled wool.

    There are a lot of fun designs, each from Garnett Hill's website for $48.

    6. A robot kit that's enabled by an app, allowing kids to build and learn coding.


    This STEM mythical robot includes 606 pieces and works through the JIMU app. Basically, your kid will learn how to build and move the robot through coding on the app.

    Get it from Amazon for $90.89.

    7. Baby dolls for your kiddo to play mommy or daddy!


    The brands Fresh Dolls and Positively Perfect both make cute babies and dolls that come with accessories and are great alternatives if you aren't ready to shell out American Girl money.

    Get a Fresh Doll from Amazon for $13.69 or a Positively Perfect Doll for $36.47.

    8. A baby monitoring camera that links up to your phone so you can see and hear your baby as needed.


    Owlet is a leading brand in baby monitors and they offer an array of products to help you feel at ease when your baby is sleeping or napping.

    Get the baby camera video from Amazon for $149. Owlet also sells a smart sock that tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels + the camera for $399.

    9. A globe that links to your smart device and helps kids learn all about geography.


    Shifu creates interactive learning toys for kids around three years and older. You can buy the learning globe from Amazon for $42.39.

    They also sell other educational toys that link up to smart devices, like a number learning game, a musical learning game, and letter learning game.

    10. A mystery toy chest will be an exciting gift for the YouTube-loving kid.


    Ryan's World on YouTube is a hit show for kids, and your kid will love unboxing each fun pirate toy inside.

    Get it from Target for $79.99.

    11. Stylish clothes you can add to your kid's wardrobe.

    Moo Mooz

    Moomooz makes adorable clothes and accessories.

    Get it from Moo Mooz for $32.30 (available in sizes 3–4Y, 5–6Y, 7Y).

    If you're looking for more options, Target's Cat & Jack line of clothes also has several cute and affordable options for kids. Pro tip: Most is 30% off today!

    12. A LeapFrog My Pal Violet to give your toddler a personalized snuggle buddy that even knows their name and favorite food.


    Parents pre-program Violet easily on the computer with your child's name and all of their favorite things. Violet was a beloved member of our family during those toddler years, and my daughters enjoyed how she always seemed to know them so well. ;-) You can get either Scout or Violet on Amazon for $19.79.

    13. A VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch helps your kid tell time, track their play and exercise, and even take a few cool videos.


    The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is great for tech-curious kids.

    Get it from Amazon for $42.88 (also available in pink and purple).

    14. DIY unicorn headphones will keep kids both entertained and excited.


    Goldie Blox kits are DIY creations – like pillows and lamps – made specifically for kids.

    Get them from Amazon for $24.99.

    15. A fruit-teething pacifier will help soothe your baby's sore gums.


    If you have a teething baby, put frozen fruit or ice inside this device to help numb the pain.

    Get a two-pack of pacifiers from Amazon for $13.99.

    Perry Mackin also makes a silicone teething chew toy that has great reviews, you can get one on their website for $6.99.

    16. Scribble Scrubbie Safari Oasis toys are perfect because your kid can color them over and over again.

    Crayola makes this set of toys that your little one can draw – and they would make a fun bath toy! The markers are washable, of course.

    Get the Scribble Scrubbie set from Target for $19.99.

    17. Cute bows always make great stocking stuffers.

    Lily Frilly

    Lily Frilly sells a variety of cute bows in all sorts of colors.

    Get a bow from Lily Frilly for $7.99. They also sell backpacks and lunch boxes.

    18. And a band-in-a-box will help your kiddo start developing their musical ear and have fun doing it.


    Melissa and Doug's Band-in-a-Box is ideal for preschoolers and early elementary school kids, and a great way to engage your kids in some hands-on musical fun. I've purchased this for both my girls and my nephew, and it received all thumbs up!

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    19. A mechanical bug makes the best gift for the lover of all things creepy crawly.


    Hexbugs have been around for years, but this year they have larger, different types of bugs – like scorpions. They come ready to play (no batteries needed) and kids love watching and chasing them.

    Get it from Hexbug for $14.99.

    20. A launching rocket toy is a great gift that encourages kids to play outside.


    Kids step on the attached air pump to "launch" their rocket into the air. Stomp Rocket has different kits available, but the one pictured above is for two kids to duel against each other, seeing whose rocket can soar higher.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    21. A portable, screen-free Jooki music and story player for the kid who loves using your phone to play their favorite songs.


    With the Jooki, kids can stream audiobooks, lullabies, or even a Spotify playlist, and parents can control it and even turn it off remotely when they need to. Kids can link each character to a particular playlist, and it's totally splash-proof so it's good for outdoor play, too!

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99.

    22. A Juno My Baby Elephant for the kid who wants a pet but isn't quite ready for a real one.


    Juno My Baby Elephant has a realistic moving trunk which she uses to play games, give you a kiss, and even make trumpet noises. Kids aged 5 and up will get a kick out of how interactive she is β€” they might even forget she's not real!

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97.

    23. Chewable jewelry is a great gift for sensory-seeking kids.


    Chewigem is a company that sells discreet sensory tools to help those kids who have been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder (SPD).

    You can get the "chewelry" necklace above from Chewigem for $19.95.

    24. A fun series of books about a little girl embarking on adventures.

    Princess Cupcake Jones is a five-part book series about a little girl who learns something new in every book.

    Get each book from Princess Cupcake Jones for $15.95.

    25. A set of swaddling blankets to keep your baby warm and cozy.


    Aden + Anais makes a variety of super soft swaddling blanket for babies. Each blanket is 47" x 47".

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $45.25.

    26. Sports gear will be something the athletic kid will appreciate.

    Under Armour

    Under Armour sells sneakers from Dwayne Johnson’s brand, Project Rock, along with a variety of athletic winter sets for boys and girls.

    Get this pair from Under Armour for $120 (available in kid's sizes 3.5–7 and also in black).

    27. Fun unicorn luggage will make your little traveler's eyes light up.,

    OMG Accessories makes glitzy unicorn-themed merch!

    Get the rollable carry-on from OMG for $88 and the duffle bag for $54.

    28. And an invisibility cloak – just like Harry Potter's – will be a fun gift for any age.

    Harry Potter fans will love "disappearing" with this cloak, just like the one from the movie! It works with your device to allow users to recreate iconic scenes from the movies.

    Get it from Barnes and Noble for $74.99.

    29. A paintable drawing board can help kids relax and unwind.


    Buddha Board sells tons of different drawing stations for kids and adult alike. Basically, you wet the paintbrush, draw whatever you want, then watch your design lightly fade away, allowing you to draw something else.

    Get the full-sized board from Amazon for $34.95 and the travel-size, mini board for $14.95.

    30. An Epic! Original book is an ideal gift for school-aged kids.


    There's nothing like enjoying the holiday break snuggled up with a good book! Gina Loveless and Andrea Bell's Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw is a popular one for grade school kids.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    31. Mother and daughter bracelets can be a cherished present for kids and parents alike.

    She Knew She Could

    These bracelets will help moms and daughters always feel connected – no matter where they are.

    Get a bracelet set from She Knew She Could for $22.95.

    32. A practical backpack for the school-age kid to enjoy.


    Perry Mackin sells a water-resistant backpack in a variety of colors. They have a messenger bag look, but feature two backpack straps.

    Get it from Amazon for $42.98 (available in seven colors).

    33. A digital microscope is perfect for your curious-minded kiddos!


    The portable microscope features a USB drive that plugs into a computer so kids are able to observe whatever objects they want up close.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    34. A Boolean Box build-it-yourself computer kit that's made by girls, but can really be for everyone.


    Boolean Box collaborated with thousands of girls to create this inclusive and fun way to teach computers, coding, and electronics. With this kit, kids aged 8 and up can create their own games and music, and can even adjust classic games like PacMan!

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99.

    35. A set of Magna-Tiles for the preschool-aged child to allow them hours of imaginative play and creativity.


    My girls were obsessed with these during their preschool years β€” I mean obsessed. They are really great for both group and individual play, something adults can join in on, and a really good toy to pull out on rainy days!

    Get it from Amazon for $119.99.

    36. And if your kiddo is into unicorns, this Schleich Glittering Flower House With Unicorns is a cool way for them to engage in some fun fantasy play.


    My girls are both obsessed with unicorns and LOVE the fun of imaginative play in their world. They even bring other toys and dolls Barbie-sized and smaller over to "visit."

    Get it from Amazon for $75.18.

    37. A baby sensory toy to keep them busy for a while.


    This push-and-pop toy allows young kids to be curious and play!

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    38. And some Playfoam Pluffle is good for some mess-free sensory fun.


    My kids love experimenting with the unusual texture of Pluffle, and since it's not sticky or slimey, I don't have to cringe every time they take it out to play. And what's better β€” Pluffle is gluten-free, nut-free, and never dries out.

    Get a pack of two tubes from Amazon for $11.19.

    39. A monthly cooking kit – it is a great gift for the up-and-coming chef!

    Harlow's Harvest

    Harlow's Harvest features monthly cooking kits, like a subscription box. Kiddoz by Chefclub also sells a kit that helps kids learn how to cook through easy measurements and illustrated recipes.

    Get the kit from Harlow's Harvest for $23 a month.

    40. And if you have a little fashionista-in-training, these Melissa and Doug Design Your Own Headbands will be fun for your kid to decorate and wear proudly.


    My girls wanted to wear theirs every single day of forever.

    You can get a set for your kid to decorate from Amazon for $4.99.

    41. A CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater Projector if you're looking for a travel-friendly way to stream your kid's favorite digital books and shows.


    The pocket-sized Cinemood Portable Movie Theater streams Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and YouTube, and also includes Disney content. It creates up to 12 feet of projection and kids and adults can use it anywhere β€” including on car rides, airplane trips, even camping.

    Get it from Amazon for $265.99.

    42. Suctioned and sectioned plates are gifts that any baby will definitely use.


    These plates won't fall off the high chair! Featuring a non-skid, vertical rim, the StaynEat resists slipping and flipping. It also doubles as a spill guard.

    Gett the medium from Amazon for $14.99 or the large for $19.99.

    43. A hands-free motorized hover board for older kids to enjoy.


    If your kid loves scooters, they might enjoy a hovertrax from Razor. Featuring a learning mode, kids can slowly learn how to balance and ride the board hands-free!

    Get it from Walmart for $158.

    Razor also sells motorized scooters if you don't think your kid is ready for something so advanced.

    44. A classic game that can be played without the stress of counting money.


    Hasbro has made the game of Monopoly more simple by removing the banker! It electronically keeps track of every player's finances and there is no Monopoly money needed.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    45. BuddyPhones WAVE Wireless Headphones, which are waterproof and have four volume settings including "toddler" and "travel" for extra safety and parent peace of mind.


    BuddyPhones WAVE Wireless Headphones, which come in four different gorgeous designs including Pink Unicorn, Yellow Bee, and Blue Robot, work with all Bluetooth abled devices, and even have a BuddyCable system for kids to listen together.

    Get them from Amazon for $74.99.

    46. A working cash register will help your kids learn to count money and have fun doing it.


    The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register is a super engaging, easy-to-operate tool for pretend money play for ages three and up. I purchased this for my girls last year when they were five, and they've spent many, many hours playing "store" with each other, their friends, and adult family members.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.

    47. A pop-up play tent and tunnel which is perfect for the active, adventurous kiddo.


    The Playz Pop-Up Play Tent And Crawl Tunnel is easy to assemble and folds down flat for easy storage, and even comes with ground anchors so that it stays secure during outdoor play.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    48. A counting "cookie jar" will help preschool-aged kids learn to count and supports the development of their fine motor skills.


    The Learning Journey Learn With Me – Count & Learn Cookie Jar comes with 10 numbered cookies with corresponding chocolate chips for counting and aligns with STEM standards.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    49. If your kiddo is caught up in the Frozen movies, this fun Frozen Elsa Castle will be one of their favorite gifts this year.

    Frozen and Lego fans aged 6 and up will love building this set piece over and over and engaging in pretend play with Anna, Olaf, and Matias, all included. You can get the treehouse on Amazon for $79.97.

    50. And pretend play character dolls are perfect if your kid loved Anna and Kristoff together in the movie β€” because who didn't?!


    Get them from Amazon for $22.99.