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    "The Definition Of 'If He Wanted To He Would'" — This Man's Unique Gesture For His Girlfriend Has Left Millions Of People Happy (And Low-Key Jealous)

    "Hot, straight, and he does nails? Marry him."

    Hello, world. Meet the internet's newest nail aficionado, Dakota Row:

    Dakota has caught the attention of over 65 million people on TikTok for doing MAGNIFICENT work on his girlfriend Jayshree Kalia's nails:

    Jayshree told BuzzFeed that Dakota started doing her nails a year ago after her DIY attempt went wrong. "I stumbled across a TikTok video on how to do Gel-X extensions at home, so I found a starter kit on Amazon. One evening, I tried to do them and failed miserably. Dakota noticed me getting frustrated, so I asked him if he could try doing them for me. I was half joking, but he surprised me when he said he would try!"

    After watching ONE tutorial, Dakota immediately got the hang of it — and has been slaying nail art like this ever since:

    He perfects his technique more and more with each set he does — and men and women on TikTok can't get enough of it.

    Jayshree said the initial cost to get all the supplies was about $80 — and she was spending about $120 every three weeks getting her nails done at the salon. With the $80, she was able to buy everything you need: a gel lamp, nail files and buffers, gel polishes, nail art tools, and a Gel-X kit on Amazon.

    When Dakota does her nails, they usually make a date night out of it because it takes three hours for him to do them. "We'll have a glass of wine, put on our favorite music or show in the background, and talk and laugh. Plus, we take a lot of snack breaks," she said.

    Dakota has also started doing nails for Jayshree's mom and his mom, as well as people close to them...

    And now, with all the love and support they've received on social media, it's inspired Dakota to go to school to become a nail tech! "He just started the process of applying to cosmetology school this week. We hope to open a salon together one day," Jayshree said.

    Dakota is truly the definition of "if he wanted to, he would" — you can follow the couple on TikTok and Instagram!