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This Guy Says He And His Wife Take Turns Sleeping On Different Sides Of The Bed And People Are Conflicted

"First one in chooses."

I recently came across this tweet by Twitter user @stevenohrourke:

Feel like I need to point out the following: 1. First one in chooses 2. We've never disagreed over it 3. We move pillows and books as we move 4. We don't change every single night 5. Neither of us are aliens

Twitter: @steveohrourke

And I just can't wrap my head around it because, like, I thought every couple had designated sides of the bed.

You know, because your stuff is on your side. Things you need, like your phone charger, your glasses, your book, your...retainers (IDK, I still wear mine).

And your side of the bed is always more comfortable to you.

But, the tweet – which now has over 2,000 comments – has been generating conversation about co-sleeping in relationships.

People who also don’t have designated sides of the bed weighed in.

And so did people who do have a designated sides of the bed.

After reading everything, it all boils down to preference, I think. My head is still trying to accept this "no side" concept, so help me understand: IS THIS NORMAL?!