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    13 People Shared The Wild Things They've Seen People Do On Planes And I've Lost My Marbles

    "My mom is now on a national no-fly list."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most unfortunate thing they've seen someone do on a plane and now I am unwell.

    1. "I saw someone hold their wet underwear up to dry them with the air vents."


    2. "My husband saw a man pull a sandwich OUT OF HIS SHOE and eat it. The man reeked of onions the rest of the flight."


    3. "A woman had food poisoning and couldn't get to the toilet before the seatbelt sign was turned off. Two minutes later, people started fleeing from her row and the row behind her. She had so much explosive diarrhea coming out of her that it was leaking along the seats and through the cracks in the seat to the row behind. The smell still haunts me to this day."


    4. "I was sitting next to a man who I thought was fast-forwarding through all the sex scenes on the inflight entertainment, but I soon realized he was rewinding and replaying them over and over. It was extraordinarily creepy."


    5. "Last year on my way home to see family for Christmas, I noticed the lady in the seat next to me had a giant box as her carry-on item stuffed under the seat in front of her. I didn’t think anything of it and just assumed it was Christmas gifts UNTIL THE BOX STARTED MOVING! Turns out she was from Maine and was bringing live lobsters to her daughter's family to eat on Christmas."

    "She told me she had three layovers, so the poor woman was carrying around a box of live lobsters for ten hours."


    6. "The guy next to me smelled like he took a shower in cologne. He was joking with his friends seated around us that he had a bottle of cologne in his carry-on at security and they were making him throw it out, so he loaded on as much as he could before tossing the bottle."

    "What was his plan? To not bathe for a week? I had the most insane headache upon landing after inhaling it for four hours straight."


    7. "The woman behind me kept putting her gross, bare foot on my armrest. I kept shoving her foot away with my elbow, but she kept doing it the entire flight."


    8. "I saw a guy pick his nose and eat it for four hours straight while watching movies."


    9. "I saw a man wearing his hoodie backward and found out why 30 minutes into the flight. He VIOLENTLY puked into the hood a minimum of three times before getting up to go to the bathroom. When he came back from the bathroom 20 minutes later, he was still wearing the now-soaked hoodie that he attempted to clean and I got to smell vomit for the remaining five-hour flight."


    10. "I was stuck between two very loud people who were talking to each other the entire time. I offered to switch seats, so they could sit next to each other, but they didn't want to. They both ended up spitting on me constantly from laughing so hard, and somehow slapping MY thighs during their laughing fits instead of their own."


    11. "I saw a guy pour vodka in his seat, light it on fire, and then sit on it to put it out. When police met the aircraft, he put up a fight and ended up with a bloody nose."


    12. "I had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman who decided to floss for a good 15 minutes. Watching her food particles go flying onto the screen in front of her made me gag. So gross."


    13. "I was sitting next to a young couple, when the girlfriend pulled out her winter coat and put it on her boyfriend's lap. She then started giving him a very obvious hand job. I don't know why I didn't say anything. People on airplanes are so uncivilized, I don't understand why, is it the altitude?"


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.