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We Want To Hear About The Unfortunate Thing You Saw Someone Do On A Plane

This calls for an emergency landing.

People have witnessed some unfortunate things on flights.

Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare.

Some have had to endure atrocious smells coming from the person next to them.

The guy next to me on the plane either farted for 3 hours, or he really needs to change his pants

And some have seen atrocious things that people do for entertainment.

Why is the guy sitting next to me on the plane just watching pimple popping videos. 🤮 I hate my life. 😩

Has this happen to you when traveling? Like, maybe you saw someone trying to force their bag in an overhead bin, but it fell down and a whole bunch of sex toys spilled out! 😱

Or maybe YOU got violently ill and started puking (or pooping!) all over the poor person next to you.

So, tell us what cringeworthy thing you witnessed – or unfortunate thing that happened to you – while flying on a plane and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!