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    Posted on Jun 4, 2016

    17 Truths About Raising An Only Child

    "When are you going to have another?"

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    1. You roll your eyes every time other parents talk about how easy having one kid must be.


    Newsflash: Their only playmate is YOU.

    2. Still, you look at people with three or more kids like: "Wha? How? I don't..."


    3. You laugh because your kid has no idea how lucky they are that they only have to share the remote with you.

    Sony Pictures Animation

    Seriously, kid, you could have three siblings' viewing schedules to contend with.

    4. You've lost count of many times your kid has asked for a sibling.


    And you're wondering how much longer you can keep dodging the birds and the bees talk.

    5. You never have to worry about owning a minivan.

    You don't need one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    6. Your kid's group of friends includes: your college roommate, the old lady down the street, your neighbor's dog...


    ...and maybe a few kids roughly their own age.

    7. Your kid understands sarcasm as well as a 16-year-old.

    Disney Channel

    That's why they get along so well with your college roommate.

    8. Your biggest fear about having another kid is that they won't be as awesome as your current kid.

    Instagram: @the818

    Things are kind of perfect just how they are.

    9. Other parents think it's cool to analyze and discuss your reproductive choices at length.


    "No, please tell me again when my eggs are going to expire."

    10. One kid = only one set of extra curricular activities.

    One holiday performance, one parent-teacher conference, one dance recital, one baseball game.

    11. Helping your kid with homework sucks, but at least you only have to help one kid.


    12. Your kid might be a picky eater because it's always been easy to make the foods they like.


    13. Remember sharing a room?

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Your kid will never know what that feels like.

    14. Your kid doesn't realize how lucky they are because they never have to share your lap with anyone.


    And they always get to sit next to the parent they want.

    15. You're sick of people trying to make you feel bad for only having one child.


    Several successful people were only children, including: Franklin Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino...the list goes on.

    16. If there's a mess at home, you know who did it.


    No younger siblings to blame here.

    17. And while there may not be any other kids in your home, you know yours will have special relationships with extended family.

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