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This Woman Draws ~Edgy~ Versions Of Disney Characters And People Are Swooning that YOU?!

Lexis Vanhecke is a 23-year-old Ohio woman whose drawings have been going super viral on TikTok.

So, what kind of drawings does Lexis do? She reimagines Disney characters in an edgy (and some would argue sexy!) way. Here, take a look at her interpretation of Aladdin β€” which has over 16 million views on TikTok:


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♬ You Got It - Vedo

Here is the before and after:

It's pretty obvious in the comments that people think the makeover is HOT:

Comment that says "I'm sweating."
Comment that says, "You made me fall in love with Aladdin even more."
Comment that saying "Yes, riding his magic carpet allllll day."

Lexis β€” who recently graduated with a BFA in fine art and painting β€” told BuzzFeed that she is actually an oil painter who has been experimenting with digital art. "I downloaded the application Procreate and started making portraits on there before coming up with the idea to insert a picture and draw on top of it. I've always loved Disney, so I decided to give that a try. Other creators also had the idea to give a makeover to Disney characters, so I wanted to put my own personal spin on it. Although the other accounts I've seen have definitely given stylish makeovers, I've never seen anyone put an edgy spin on the characters, so I decided that would be my thing," she explained.


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"When it comes to whether or not I consider my characters 'sexy,' well, it depends. I remake the characters in a way that I, personally, find fun and stylish. I do have a lot of children following me, so I don't want them to get too risquΓ©. But, it depends on how you look at it! A lot of my adult viewers do find the beards, piercings, and tattoos sexy! However, my drawings aren't so sexy that they would be considered inappropriate," she said.

Lexis said she thinks people love her videos because she is merging both fashion and art. "When I begin a video, I don't have an end goal in mind. I think up the makeover as I go. So, in a way, it's a surprise for me to see the end result as well, which is super fun!"


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"People can see their beloved characters as they would look in a different time or place, and I think the curiosity of seeing more characters is what keeps them coming back and following my account," she added.

Most of Lexis's drawing videos have millions of views. "Something that I think has helped my videos go viral is that I make the entire video an experience, not just the 'before and after.' I try to make my artistic strokes go along with the music, and I make it satisfying to watch the entire way through," she said.


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Here's her take on an edgy Moana:

Before and after Moana.

Lexis has also created gothic versions of Disney characters:


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♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

Here's a look at her goth Snow White:

Before and after Snow White.

People suggest who she should reimagine and Lexis goes for it!


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♬ Disney - Regular Joe

This is her version of a very edgy, kind of goth Rapunzel:

Lexis has a ton more drawings, so, if you want to see more, be sure to follow her on TikTok!