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    This Woman Is Sharing Her Drawings Of Disney Princesses As Cartoon Characters And I'm Cackling

    A Louise Belcher and Ariel mashup is a gift I didn't know I needed.

    Maeli Arnold is a Utah-based woman who draws for fun and to make other people laugh.

    And she recently did just that. BuzzFeed spoke to Maeli, who said one day, after finishing up work, she was watching Solar Opposites while coloring a picture of Disney princesses. "I thought it would be so fun to combine the two just to see how it would look. So, I recorded myself doing it," she said. She then decided to share her drawing on TikTok:


    Drawing Disney princesses as famous cartoons pt. 2 💗 Don’t come for me for the bad coloring job #fyp #foryoupage #disneyprincess #solaropposites

    ♬ Mad at Disney - salem ilese

    She reimagined Cherie from the show as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This is the final result:

    Cherie as Belle.

    Maeli made a numbered list of Disney princesses and popular cartoon characters, wrote the corresponding numbers on pieces of paper, and randomly drew two different ones to create the hilarious mashups:

    This is her version of Marge Simpson as Pocahontas:

    Marge as Pocahontas.

    Her videos quickly started racking up thousands of views, so she kept making them:

    Here is Meg Griffin from Family Guy as Merida from Brave:

    Lois as Merida drawing.

    "People on TikTok really seem to enjoy the concept and have even been purchasing my drawings on my Etsy page," she said.

    Her version of Louise Belcher as Ariel has been her most viral video, with nearly 2 million views on TikTok:

    Linda as Ariel drawing.

    Maeli said each drawing takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

    This is what Maeli imagines a Big Mouth character would look like as Mulan:

    Big Mouth character as Mulan.

    Each video is a new and hilarious surprise:


    Drawing Disney princesses as famous cartoons pt.5 💚 What do you guys think about this one?? #foryoupage #fyp #madatdisney #scoobydoopapa

    ♬ Scooby Doo Theme Song - Best Coast

    Here's Velma from Scooby-Doo as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog:

    Scooby Doo Velma as Tatiana.

    Maeli said she has always been inspired by things that make her laugh, and this is evident in each one of her creative drawings:

    Take a look at Leela from Futurama as Jasmine from Aladdin:

    Leela as Jasmine drawing.

    If you're a Rick and Morty fan, this one is really good:

    I'm pretty sure this is Jessica from Rick and Morty as Cinderella:

    Ricky and Morty characters as Cinderella.

    Maeli has also recently started drawing Disney villains as cartoon characters as well:


    follow my Instagram for more art and to see what’s available on my Etsy!! #fyp #foryoupage #ursula #bobsburgers

    ♬ The Little Mermaid (Marimba Remix) - Harry Goes Boom!

    Here's her version of Gene Belcher from Bob's Burgers as Ursula:

    Gene Belcher as Ursula drawing.

    Anyway, we hope you got a good laugh out of these, and if you want to see more of Maeli's art, you can follow her on TikTok or Instagram — or you can purchase her art on her Etsy page!