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    Cardi B Gave Advice To Teens About Smoking After Posting These Photos Of Herself At 15

    "Dear little girls, don't smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool..."

    Cardi B. She's super talented, super real, and super famous.

    But being super famous means she faces a lot of pressure. Earlier this year, she talked about how she struggles to be a role model to young kids after someone said they didn't agree with the message she was sending today's youth.

    For these past two years I been watching what I say and I haven’t been myself.I been feeling trap and sad cause it’s not ME but everybody tell me to be it for me to be this “rolemodel”and guess what ? People still spit my past right in my face so for now imma be my old self again

    However, people are now very approving of her recent message to young girls on Instagram.


    Last night, she uploaded some photos of herself at age 15.

    In one of the pics, she had eyebrow and lip piercings.

    And in another she can be seen lighting a cigarette.

    In her caption, she said how "dumb" she looked trying to impress older students in high school by smoking.

    Fans appreciated her message to young people.

    Even parents themselves related to being that age and how they hoped their children would avoid the same mistakes.

    And, mustache or no mustache, everyone had one common thought about Cardi after the post:

    Cardi, thanks for the great advice. QUEEN WE STAN!

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