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    That Viral "Grey's Anatomy" Fail Where Maggie Pierce Butters A Towel Isn't Actually A Fail — Here's Why

    Me, watching this: "How does that even happen?!"

    TikTokers have been catching a lot of onscreen fails this year. Like the time when Blake Lively had a wardrobe malfunction on Gossip Girl and the time when Glee filled its audience with dummies instead of people.

    Anyway, TikTok user @nickolewesley has been going viral after sharing what seems like another hilarious TV fail — this time, from Grey's Anatomy:

    In the clip, we see Maggie Pierce grabbing her toast out of the toaster:

    Maggie pulling toast out of a toaster.

    But Maggie is then seen buttering a towel:

    Maggie buttering a towel.

    That's a towel. She is buttering it.

    Maggie buttering a towel.

    Many people — including myself — thought it was a huge, hilarious fail. And others even pointed out that Maggie has had other fails in the show:

    Comments saying they didn't know this and that Maggie also ate nothing off her fork once.

    However, after looking closer at the comments, I realized it is actually part of the scene. It's from Season 14, Episode 15, titled "Old Scars, Future Hearts." Maggie is supposed to seem clueless because she’s distracted by the fact that she's in love with her stepbrother, so she butters a towel and apparently is wearing her shirt inside out. (However, one commenter pointed out that the toast does disappear.)

    So, while it may be considered a fail IRL, this seems to be part of the script...Despite knowing this, though, it is still hilarious to watch someone butter a towel. What other TV fails have you recently found?! Tell us in the comments!