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    21 Questions All Parents Have While Watching "The Parent Trap"

    I'll take Annie, you take Hallie.

    1. First of all, Nick and Elizabeth Parker (the twins' parents) split up when the girls were babies. Is it normal for parents to each take one kid and try to forget about the other?

    2. I’m all for summer camp, but doesn’t it seem sort of crazy to send your 11-year-old kid to an eight-week summer camp in a different country and clear across the US?

    3. Annie arrived in a Limo while the other kids arrived on a school bus. So, knowing kids like I do, why didn't the other girls rush over to see who the lucky girl was?

    4. There was a boy at camp who tried desperately to get home. Did his parents somehow misread the ALL GIRLS part?

    5. Why didn't any of the counselors notice how identical the girls were right away?

    6. The girls were up in the middle of the night playing poker. With that many girls in one cabin, are you telling me not one counselor heard them?

    7. How did Annie and her friends manage to get the beds on the roof of Hallie's cabin?

    8. Also, how did Hallie manage to perfectly arrange this setup?

    9. The counselors punished the girls by making them bunk together in an "Isolation Cabin" far away from the camp site. Seems a little harsh to me, don't you think?

    10. Why would you give your kid a ripped picture of their parent, but not tell them anything else?

    11. How did Hallie cut Annie's hair SO PERFECTLY?

    12. When Hallie pierced Annie's ears, she let out a very loud scream, but no counselor came to check to see if everything was okay. Doesn't that seem a bit alarming?

    13. When Annie got home from camp, why didn't her mom run to greet her after not seeing her eight weeks? I mean I would be tracking my kid's entire flight and calling them on their way...

    14. And when Elizabeth did see Annie, she really didn't have much of a reaction to her daughter cutting her hair or piercing her ears at only 11 YEARS OLD.

    15. When Annie was upset about her father getting married, she started fluently speaking in French. Would you really believe your child just picked up French at camp?

    16. Elizabeth let Hallie have a sip of wine — which, okay fine, it's just a sip. But didn't Hallie's critique make you think she drank it on the reg with her dear old dad back in Napa?

    17. After Elizabeth found out she had Hallie and not Annie, she let Hallie arrange all the plans for the switch back. Who lets an 11-year-old just make all the plans?

    18. At the hotel, Nick and Elizabeth went out for a night with the twins (who had secretly arranged a romantic evening for them). Did Nick's fiancée, Meredith, just say that was okay?

    19. During the camping trip, the girls pulled Meredith onto the lake while she was sleeping. How did she not wake up at all until the next morning?

    20. And, the girls just happened to have packed matching outfits when they arrange for the meeting at the hotel. Really?

    21. Lastly, how did Lindsay Lohan perfectly play twins at only 11 years old?