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    This Baby Groot Has The Seal Of Approval From The Guardian's Of The Galaxy Director

    He is Groot. We've decided. No one else gets to be Groot.

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago and David Lockwood are a couple from Arlington, Massachusetts. They have a 5 month old son called Charlie.

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago

    Over the weekend the family attended Boston Comic Con. While there, Charlie gained the attention of several visitors for his adorable cosplay outfit.

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago

    It's a literal Baby Groot!

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago

    Tracie told BuzzFeed News Charlie is already a veteran cosplayer – his parents have got him to pose in a different costume for each month of his first year as a treat for his grandparents.

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago

    Tracie said the idea for Groot came from "the fact that Charlie loves to stand up and wiggle around a lot."

    Tracie Lockwood-Santiago

    Charlie's cosplaying efforts did not go unnoticed. A photographer at the event took a photo of the costume, which made its way to Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn.

    Tracie shared the news to Imgur, where users praised the parents for their cute idea.

    Best recasting decision ever tbh.

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