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    A Guy Recreated "Mad Max" Cars With Vegetables

    They live, they die, they live again.

    Twitter user @Sativa_high shaped an aubergine/eggplant and cucumber into the vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road to celebrate the Japanese Buddhist festival of Obon.

    I made "mad max vehicles" of cucumber and eggplant.

    Obon falls every August and marks the return of ancestors' spirits to the family homes. People welcome the spirits by making stands from aubergines and cucumbers.

    The cucumber represents a horse quickly bringing the spirits to the family, while the aubergine represents a cow slowly taking them back to the spirit world.

    But, inspired by the post-apocalyptic movie, @Sativa_High decided to get a little creative -- even including a tiny ghost Tom Hardy.


    These bad-ass ancestors are going to be riding back to the spirit world in style.

    I made "mad max vehicles" of cucumber and eggplant.

    Tom approves.

    h/t Kotaku