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    19 Moleman Moments That Are Almost Too Damn Funny

    "I was saying 'Buu-urns.'"

    1. When he tried to be a hero at the bird sanctuary.

    2. When his opinion about Mr. Burns' film was quite unpopular.

    3. When he couldn't even catch a break from the sun.

    4. When his simple request did not go as expected.

    5. When he made his own short film.

    6. When he got locked in the Kwik-E-Mart.

    7. When he tried his best on a date with Selma.

    8. When he tried to blend in with Springfield's youth.

    9. When he tried to be polite even during a horrific situation.

    10. And when they thought he was dead yet again...

    11. When he hosted his own morning radio show.

    12. When he broke the bar rules and found himself in a knife-off.

    13. When he realized just how alone he really is.

    14. When he was just doing his job.

    15. When his newfound friendship fell through.

    16. When he taught a night class that had many people interested.

    17. When he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    18. And when everything seemed to be OK...until it all just went horribly wrong.

    19. Poor Moleman, unlucky in love and unlucky in life.

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