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19 Things Only Internet Addicts Will Understand

Do they have free Wi-Fi?

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1. The first thing you do when you wake up is check your social media accounts.

2. And it's also the last thing you do before you go to sleep.


3. That is, if you actually sleep at all!

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4. You spend most of your time in this position.

5. And you certainly won't go anywhere unless they have free Wi-Fi.


6. You're basically just on the internet 24/7.

7. You can never seem to escape the internets captivating grasp


8. And the only time you venture out into the real world is when the internet stops working.

9. Which is pretty much the worst thing that could ever happen to you!

10. You probably have more online friends than real life friends.

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11. You could literally not talk to anyone all day but still feel like you have been social.

12. In fact, you don't even need real life people! The internet answers every one of your many questions.

13. Basically all of your information comes from the internet.

14. And you've started using internet slang and phrases during in-person conversations.

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15. Sometimes you wonder how people used to pass the time before the internet was even a thing.

16. More times than not, no one can ever show you anything you haven't already seen before.

17. Sometimes you find yourself talking in public about how many likes and faves your social media posts get.


18. So, maybe you spend a bit too much time on the internet.

19. But hey, what else are you suppose to do?

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