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    Who Would You Cast In A Full House Remake?

    John Stamos's pick for Uncle Jesse? JAMES FRANCO.


    Today is the 25th Anniversary of Full House!

    Though it's been off the air since 1995, there's been steady buzz about doing a remake, a la the Brady Bunch, with different actors in those iconic roles. John Stamos recently said in The Vulture that he would love to see James Franco strut his stuff as Uncle Jesse. Have mercy indeed. Here's a couple of other suggestions from Buzzfeed.

    Uncle Jesse:

    James Franco - Can he smolder while rocking a leather jacket? Check.

    Tom Welling - We're sorry, we're too busy drowning in the pretty to think of anything pithy.

    James Marsden - Sexy, sweet, and the man can sing which is must for that inevitable Jesse and the Rippers scene.

    Uncle Joey:

    Taran Killam - Something tells us he'll be able to handle classic Uncle Joey goofiness without a problem.

    Will Arnett - He already owns the shirt.

    Aziz Ansari - It'd get weird, but that's how we like it.

    Danny Tanner:

    Josh Radner - After all, he does grow up to be Bob Saget.

    Ty Burrell - The man has a deep well of TV Dad knowledge.

    Jason Bateman - For a dry, sardonic Danny Tanner that Bob Saget woefully repressed during the run of the show.

    DJ Tanner:

    Jennifer Lawrence - DJ was hot bitch, and don't you forget it.

    Imogen Poots - A dreamier DJ.

    Alison Pill - As much as we hate using the word adorkable, that really is the perfect way to describe Alison and DJ.

    Stephanie Tanner:

    Taissa Farmiga - Can't you just picture the American Horror Story star saying "How Rude!"

    Lily Collins - Lily's serious eyebrows capture Stephanie's serious middle child syndrome perfectly.

    Emma Watson - We're pretty sure Hermoine Granger can nail the nerdy nostalgia vibe.

    Michelle Tanner:

    Chloe Moretz - We feel that the Olsen twins would be proud to pass on their legacy to the multiple Young Artist Award winner.

    Abigail Breslin - You got our vote dude!

    Elle Fanning - Sweet and sensitive, the perfect Michelle.

    Kimmy Gibbler:

    Aubrey Plaza - Aubrey's got Kimmy's deadpan down, although in her case it's probably more sarcastic than Gibbler's ernest gaze.

    Lena Dunham - Lena understands the importance of headbands, which is of course, the essence of KG.

    Emma Stone - The only reason to not cast her is fear of our girl stealing the show.

    Rebecca Katsopolis:

    Zoe Saldana - We'd believe that Uncle Jesse would give up all other women for her.

    Stana Katic - She's the HBIC on Castle, and she'd be running the show on Full House too.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar - The original tough, sexy girl, how could Uncle Jesse ask for anything more?

    Nicky and Alex Katsopolis

    Asa Butterfield - The Hugo star is such a heavyweight, he'd be able to carry both parts no problem.

    Laurence Belcher - You might remember him from X-Men First Class (he was young Professor X), and you'd definitely rave about him in Full House.

    Dylan and Cole Sprouse - Though older than our other two choices, we're confident the real life twins would be the best bet.

    Add your picks in comments! And hopefully some Hollywood genius will get around to stealing all these great ideas.

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