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Nick Miller's Family Hates Everything

Now we see where he learned his rage filled ways. Ranked from least to most vitriolic. Spoilers for this week's New Girl.

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5. Grandma Miller: Hates cops.

Because they always try to take her weed.

4. Jaime Miller: Hates it when people cast aspersions on the family name.

Nick's brother played by the amazing Nick Kroll!

3. Walt Miller: Hates it when his son hates Elvis.

Nick's Dad who ran a scam on Jess, and then got scammed by Jess. Who also unfortunately, died this episode. But silver lining we met the rest of his family at the funeral!

Also hates cabbies. Reason unknown.

2. Cousin Bobby (Miller?): Hates Walt for stealing his Dad's chain.

Because apparently his Dad risked bodily harm for that chain?

And he will go to any lengths to get it back.

Including taking it off Nick's dead Dad's body.

Also hates Schmidt for foiling his plans to steal back said chain.

1. Mama Miller: Hates Jess.

A lot.

She especially hates it when Jess doesn't 'get' Elvis.

No seriously, this is a desecration.



With her son. Double Miller shade.

Bonus! Nick Miller: Hates Balloons.

The best things at three price points