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Posted on Jul 26, 2014

18 Squee-Worthy Celeb Instagrams From Comic-Con

Cue intense fangirling.

1. "Look who I spotted. My Misha. @mishacollins jb"

2. "Had a mega fan moment. Elijah friggin Wood #SDCC"

3. "#SDCC One of my idols, Benedict Cumberbatch"

4. "Geekin out wit Orlando/Lee/ @willaaaahh #SDCC"

5. "I love you @pascalispunk . Photo courtesy of ms Natalie Dormer"

6. "Comic Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon"

7. "@steveyeun @bigbaldhead #twdbros"

8. "comic con. day 1. success."


10. "The band's back together"

"Sporting super secret Super Hero belts. #colors #SDCC @marvel"

11. "Avengers (almost) assembled with @marvel with Feige."

12. "Vestige of @SDCC. Avenger makes his way in the world. Walking past rooms of music, parties and laughter."

13. "Backstage at the #MarvelSDCC booth, ready for the #Marvel #AgentsOfSHIELD signing! @clarkgregg's really upset he can't wear the Rocket mask... "

14. "We don't have fun at comic con. #agentsofshield #sdcc2014"

15. "Pre panel shenanigans while Clark gets ready. #sdcc2014"

16. "Me and @ashleythejohnson at the @geekandsundry dance party blowing air conditioning up our dresses to cool ourselves off. Under our butts."

17. "@TheBruun and me heading to our #NerdHQ panel. #turndownforwall"

18. "Just a li'l justice dawn at comic-con."

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