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    10 Bedrooms You Wish You Had As A Kid

    Damn these fictional characters and their perfect fictional rooms.

    1. Clarissa's Room - "Clarissa Explains It All"

    SHE GOT TO DRAW ON THE WALLS. And has a sick hubcap collection.

    2. Brad and Randy's Room - "Home Improvement"

    This. Is. A. Split. Level. Bedroom.

    Desks on the ground, stairs to get to the beds on the level above, and third tier that segued into bookshelves. Getting in and out of bed every morning would have been such an adventure.

    3. DJ and Steph's Room - "Full House"

    1. Epic record player with a nicely stacked collection

    2. Bay windows/performance space

    3. Big seating area for audiences, aka uncles

    Conclusion: Perfect Party Room.

    4. Tia and Tamera's Room - "Sister, Sister"

    The expert photoshop says it all.

    5. Pete and Pete's Room - "The Adventures of Pete and Pete"

    If you say you didn't want a bunk bed as a kid, you're a dirty liar. Especially if you got to share it with someone as cool as (either) Pete.

    6. Lizzie's Room - "Lizzie McGuire"

    Private. Number. Makes even the blandest room a castle that you are the king of.

    7. Kim's Room - "Kim Possible"

    It may look like an average bedroom, but you just know every single inch of it is tricked out with super- secret spy gear. That backpack probably doubles as parachute.

    8. Buzz's Room - "Home Alone"

    The tarantula shelf, BB gun, and life-size poster of disapproving Isiah Thomas is the perfect kid security system. Hands off all my sweet treasure siblings/parents/potential burglars.

    9. Daria's Room - "Daria"

    Not one but TWO skulls in this solitary bunker in which to weather the winter of your discontent. Bonus padded walls for when you felt like moshing out your feels.

    10. Arnold's Room - "Hey Arnold"

    Roof access via recessed steps in the wall. To a GLASS ROOF. Not to mention custom bookshelves with not one but TWO TVs. And of course massive style points for the Vegas casino carpet with alien wallpaper. Bonus: water cooler!

    This is it. This is the king kahuna of rooms you lusted after.

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