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17 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You Have Anxiety

"Me: What could possibly go wrong today? Anxiety: I'm so glad you asked."

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1. This post that proves anxiety is actually just a high school debate champ:

2. And this one that gently reminds us of all the horrible, terrible, totally-not-far-fetched ways we could die:

Me: Goodnight. Brain: Pssst. Me: What? Brain: What disease do you think we have?

3. This post that proves anxiety has all the answers:

4. And this one that is just way too damn real:

Maybe if I fall in love with my anxiety it will leave me too.

5. This small request that would really make all the difference:

As an anxious person, I wish life was like Family Feud. Mostly because I want ppl to yell, "good answer! good answer!" At everything I say.

6. And this one for anyone who has said anything in public:

me overthinking how I said "here" during attendance

7. This one that shows the sweetest relief:

8. This reminder that no task is too small for a full on panic:

9. This meme that really sums up how some people just don't get it:

10. And this one that shows the only crew you roll with:

11. This post that shows your anxiety is rude as hell:

12. And this post that shows how carefree you live your life:

13. This tweet that shows how anxiety loves to remind you of all the dumb shit you did:

me: today is going to be a good day anxiety:

14. And this one that shows how all-encompassing it is:

Kayla Yandoli / Via MTV

15. This post that will make you question everything:

16. And this great counterpoint: / Via @mytherapistsays

17. Finally, this one that shows exactly how you feel pretty much every damn day:

*feels anxiety acting up in public social situation* me: just act cool p: so, how are you?? me, sweating: tHanK…

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