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16 Texts Sisters In Different Cities Send Each Other

"FaceTime me so we can watch Game of Thrones together."

1. When the time difference is a tad inconvenient:

2. When you can't watch a show together so you do the next best thing:

3. When you have some urgent news to share:

4. When you're bored:

5. When they steal your clothes:

6. When your mom does something embarrassing:

7. When you need to share some hometown gossip:

8. When they save your ass:

9. When they're not afraid to be blunt:

10. When your life is a horror movie:

11. When you're proud AF of them:

12. When they can read your mind, even with nothing to go off of:

13. When you have a weird dream but you need to tell someone:

14. When you just need to see their face:

15. When you find a good deal on flights:

16. And when you're counting down the days until you see them: