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    27 Reasons Why Boston Will Always Be Home

    "Sweeeeeeeeet Caroline..."

    1. Because no matter where you walk, you'll stumble upon some history.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: boblinsdell

    The Old State House is COOL. Samuel Adams, James Otis, John Hancock, and John Adams used to hang out here and discuss the plans leading up the the American Revolution.

    2. Because the Citgo sign is your North Star.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 124766284@N06

    When you're drunk and forget where your street is, follow the beacon of light by Fenway Park.

    3. Because the Red Sox will never fail to take you on an emotional roller coaster.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: keithallison

    It wouldn't be as fun if they made it easy for us... right?

    4. Because the seafood is always fresh.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: skinnylawyer

    What do you mean I can't get fresh scallops everywhere?

    5. Because Pizzeria Regina gives Chicago-style pizza a run for its money.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 73577218@N00

    I motion that Pizzeria Regina stays open 24 hours.

    6. Because Boston Common looks beautiful in the fall...

    Creative Commons / Flickr: chasblackman

    7. And even lovelier in the winter.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: masstravel

    I mean, the snow makes up for the cold weather, right guys? Right?

    8. Because you know that waiting in line for Mike's will be worth it once you get your precious cannoli.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: sackton

    "But Mike's is kind of overrated."

    *shoves cannoli in skeptical friend's mouth*

    "Okay, I guess it's pretty good."

    9. Because nothing says "home" like a bowl of clam chowder.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: thegirlsny

    "Would you like that in a bread bowl?"

    "Is that a real question?"

    10. Because you know you can count on the North End to deliver on good Italian food.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 47800690@N03

    If you don't leave the North End with a food baby, you didn't do it right.

    11. Because you haven't had a lobster roll unless you've had one from Sully's.

    Get in my belly.

    12. Because wherever you walk, you'll pass at least five Dunkin' Donuts coffee cups on the way.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 39908901@N06

    I haven't seen a Dunkin' Donuts in a while... did I make a wrong turn?

    13. Because you know whenever you're bored you can count on a good street performance in Quincy Market.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: mattkieffer

    No I DO NOT want to be a volunteer.

    14. Because access to amazing art is right down the street.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: masstravel

    Try NOT to get a little freaked out when you see the oversized baby heads in the back of the MFA.

    15. Because there's nothing quite like running along the Charles.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: janela_da_alma

    Just don't go in the water...

    16. Because you're surrounded by the best of the best at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Northeastern, BC, and more.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: samirluther

    Everyone in Boston is wicked smart.

    17. Because you can turn a corner onto a cobblestone street and feel like you've escaped the city hustle.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: darronschall

    These are the roads you avoid when you're wearing heels.

    18. Because you don't need to be religious to appreciate the churches.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: billdamon

    I've never been in this, but damn is it pretty.

    19. Because you can ride your bike pretty much anywhere you need to go.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: flowerego

    Boston, the small town of the cities.

    20. Because there's nothing quite like a summer night by the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Plaza.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 76771463@N02

    A Coldplay song just started playing in my head.

    21. Because with the Arnold Arboretum, nature is only a train ride away.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: bostonphotosphere

    Is this a Twilight movie or Boston?

    22. Because the Boston Public Library looks like something out of Hogwarts.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: darronschall

    Unfortunately, no cool Restricted Section.

    23. Because you know you can get anywhere using public transportation, even Wonderland.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: thomashawk

    It just might take you a couple days if you're using the green line.

    24. Because our history is full of badasses.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: jenniferboyer

    "No taxation without representation."

    25. Because Boston Harbor is the best place to unwind.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: rmlowe

    26. Because you learned how to skate at Frog Pond.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: masstravel

    Okay, so MAYBE you pulled yourself around the side of the rink.

    27. And because as President Obama said, "Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people."

    Creative Commons / Flickr: taedc

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