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24 Reasons To Love Dr. Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds"

Warning: this post includes cute photos of Matthew Gray Gubler in a sweater vest.

1. Because he's so damn cute it's hard to believe he's real.

2. Because when he dances it looks like this.

3. Because when he sleeps it looks like this.

4. Because he's just as awkward as you are.

5. Because when he bites his lip it looks like this.

6. And when he licks his lips it looks like this.

7. Because he GETS that making friends is hard.

8. Because when he gets in the zone at work it looks like this.

9. Because he's good with animals.

10. ... AND he's good with kids.

11. Because he looks good sitting like this...

12. ... or like this.

13. Because he dances like this.

14. Because this is what his thinking face looks like.

15. Because his sad face is the SADDEST THING EVER.

16. Because he's fine with being the butt of jokes.

17. Because he likes a smart woman.

18. Because he manages to look good in THIS hat.

19. Because his hair ALWAYS looks amazing.

20. Seriously, he can pull off any hairstyle.

21. Because he's not superficial.

22. Because he has no clue just how cool he is.

23. Because when he says, "you," you totally pretend he's talking to YOU.

24. And if you had to say goodbye you would die a little bit inside.